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Mind your language

Do not use expressions such as "Islamic terrorism" or terrorist" that is"Muslim as they are oxymorons - a contradiction in terms - are unpleasant to Muslims and distribute a false impression of Islam.
Photo: shakzu/Bigstock.comInform yourself

Make an effort to discover the basics of Islam from the source that is reliable. Never rely solely on the newspapers, the television, the internet or discourse that is public. Read a published book by a reputable scholar. We suggest the 'Ten things everyone needs to learn about Islam' booklet by Professor John Esposito being an authoritative, accessible and account that is attractive of fundamentals of Islam.
Meet a Muslim

The best way to know about Islam is to fulfill a Muslim. When you meet face-to-face, when Islam is not only a media-generated amalgam of apparently strange beliefs and techniques, the proverbial "other", but features a name - Abidah, Fatima, Maha, Ibrahim, Ahmed, Muhammad - and a face, is somebody you recognize as your "brother" and "sister", then a worries, stereotypes and prejudices just fall away.
Challenge stereotypes

Once you hear racist, Islamophobic feedback, whether it's around the water water fountain at your workplace, during the restaurant when eating out with friends, or around your kitchen dining table in the home, challenge them: "that isn't what I read ….", "that is not the things I heard from …." You may lose some buddies along the way, but if they prefer ignorance and bigotry to truth and justice, they aren’t worth your friendship anyhow.
al-Andalusi is really a research fellow for Yaqeen Institute as well as the founder associated with the Andalusian Project, a separate research platform for counter-Islamophobia studies. He holds levels both in Western and Islamic Philosophy and it is presently pursuing his Ph.D in Islamic Studies. He focuses on topics related to the philosophy of science, atheism, terrorism, Islamic political thought and ethics, as well as other problems surrounding the international community that is muslim.
Martiniello’s point should really be fast taken into consideration because, usually where there was famine and poverty, people as well as livestock are forced to go out of their niche for survival, which sometimes causes exodus. I hold his arguments since they may help to redefine the idea of refugee a lot better than as mentioned by Overseas Law. Failure to revisit these principles under the concepts and guidelines supplied by Martiniello, people will face dual persecutions both in their nations of beginning plus in the host countries. There are lots of other kinds of persecutions that will qualify a person as being a refugee, that will be perhaps not mentioned into the definition of refugee itself and I think this would be addressed by the un for the wider definition. For instance, imagine somebody in a less developed country losses his small business ventures unintentionally by fire, and in a very corrupted country with bad plans and slow judiciary procedures, it will take several years to obtain settlement through the insurance company. Meanwhile this person as well as the family that is entire entirely on this company. In a country having a poor financial system and little if any hope of finding another task, given the opportunity to keep his nation to some other country for a better life, he'll not hesitate.

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