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Proof that smoke alarms and any carbon monoxide alarms have been in working order at the start of the tenancy. Renters should then frequently check they have been working.

5. Living in your rented home
The tenant must…

Pay the lease on time. In the event that you don’t, you might lose your home as you have actually broken your tenancy agreement. When you yourself have dilemmas, GOV.UK has links to further advice. Check out these steps that are practical spending your lease on time.

Pay virtually any bills that you're accountable for on time, such as council income tax, gasoline, water and electricity bills. In the event that you pay the fuel or electric bills, you'll select your own personal energy provider.

Take care of the property. Get the landlord’s authorization before trying repairs or designing. It is worth getting articles insurance to pay for your personal property too, since the landlord’s insurance won’t cover your things.

Be considerate towards the neighbours. You will be evicted for anti-social behaviour in the event that you aren’t.

Not just take a lodger in or sub-let without checking whether you need authorization from your landlord.

And also you, the tenant, should…

Ensure you know how to operate the boiler along with other devices and know where the stopcock, fuse box and any meters can be found.

Regularly examine your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors – at least once per month.

Report any need for repairs to your landlord. You will see a risk to your deposit in cases where a minor repair turns as a significant problem since you failed to report it.
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If leasing a private room, understand that in the beginning you may want to spend a deposit (of possibly one month's rent) plus the first thirty days's rent. You may want to spend an agent's cost once you've finalized the leasing contract (require the fee including VAT - value added taxation). Check always whether you must settle payments for gas / electricity (for heating and lighting), telephone (for line rental or installation, internet access or calls), water (for water distribution or sewage reduction), laundry or council income tax (for regional services). You shall probably need certainly to buy a TV licence if you use a television in your living space (see: Prepare/Arrival). Make certain that you think about all of the costs if you are comparing different rooms. To find out more in regards to the cost of living, see: Prepare/Cost.

If available, student accommodation (for example halls of residence) might be one of the cheapest choices you have because it can be subsidised by the institution or university and you'll not need to pay for council taxation.

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Once you've decided on which type of accommodation you would like, a spot, and a price range, there are numerous ways that are different find accommodation:

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