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Keanu Reeves is taking some time off from shooting every person in the John Wick films to resurrect the dead in Replicas. The very first trailer for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Replicas has gone on the web. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter , Reeves also pointed out a third Bill & Ted film for the duration of the panel where the trailer for Replicas was played. We are proud to bring you the most well-liked motion pictures swords and prop replicas like Lord of The Ring, Rambo, Eragon, Gladiator, Property of the Flying Daggers, 300, Rambo, Braveheart, Blade and a lot more.

In Replicas, Reeves stars as Will Foster, a neuroscientist settled in Puerto Rico whose loved ones dies in an accident. Reeves will bring the initial footage from his sci-fi function Replicas to the convention subsequent Replicas full movie online month. five (UPI) - Actor Keanu Reeves and director Jeffrey Nachmanoff brought the very first trailer for their upcoming science-fiction film Replicas to New York Comic Con Thursday.replicas movie release date

Replicas is 1 of Keanu Reeve's newest movies, a sci-fi story set in a future where science can bring back dead family members, using robots. Replicas is becoming made by Reeves and production partner Stephen Hamel, with assist from Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura The script was written by Chad St. John (London Has Fallen) based on an original story by Hamel.

If you think I'm providing too a lot away right here, don't blame me, blame the Replicas trailer, which seems hell-bent on revealing practically the entire film in a tiny more than two minutes. Keanu Reeves and the complete REPLICAS household send enjoy and assistance to their colleagues and close friends in Puerto Rico. Replicas is the story of a neuroscientist (played by Reeves) who is on the verge of cracking the technologies to transfer human consciousness into a computer.

Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff (Chicago Fire," Homeland), and co-starring Thomas Middleditch and Alice Eve, Replicas" is expected to arrive in cinemas next year. Replicas full movie, Replicas movie download in hindi, Replicas film download for mobile, Replicas cast, Replicas On the web, Replicas movie trailer. Keanu Reeves upcoming sci-fi thriller Replicas explores those possibilities.

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