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ADAM SMITH, POLITICAL EDITOR, ST. PETERSBURG TIMES: Mr. Rick Scott, you've described the president's agenda as a disaster for our economy. You look at your tax returns. You actually had greater taxable income under President Obama than you did Bush. Your tax rate is actually lower under President Obama. It seems like you are doing better under the president.

immigration attorney in  arizonaRICK SCOTT: You get -- you know you want to you know expend rail service all across the state. How are you going to pay for that? You know there is nothing that you want to cut. Look, the papers have said the $12.5 billion is right. You're just relying on the federal government for paying for it. I don't believe that.

RICK SCOTT: Well you know what I do is I follow all the rules. Whatever the tax rates are, the tax rates are. You know the way I've made my money is build companies. And so when you build companies and you sell things, that's when you generally have your income. So that's what I've done, but you know let's look at, you know, what President Obama has done and what my opponent wants to do. She has spending plans that are going to cost us $12.5 billion. (INAUDIBLE) sent her a letter saying what taxes are you going to increase? We all know that all the things President Obama has done, we know that taxes have to go up.

Obama responded that he doesn't look at his pension because he doesn't have as much to look at as Romney. He then stated that Romney's top immigration advisor designed the Immigration Lawyer in arizona. Immigration reform cannot be done without bipartisan support.

During this part of the debate, both Alex Sink and Rick Scott were asked the minimum wage of Florida, both answered wrong. You may watch part 4 of the debate in the video to the left (just click on the photo) and you may read the transcript for part 4 of the debate below. Click on the links below to access other parts of the debate.

The prince ends up announcing his wedding to the girl who found him at the beach. The mermaid is heartbroken and by this time has terrible bunions as well. The mermaid's sisters trade their gold records for a knife, for the Sea Witch claimed that if she were to slay the prince and get blood on her shoes, she would become a mermaid again. Of course, she can't do it, so she throws herself into the ocean and becomes sea foam.

Obama's response was that he came into office during tough times. The last four years have been spent digging out of policies that have hurt the middle class. The centerpiece of Romney's plan is tax cuts that will add to the deficit. Romney is invested in companies that outsource to China while Obama has brought cases against unfair trade practices. Romney was not allowed to rebut this response.

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