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ICloud is a place for Apple storage, which helps secure all your information, photos, documents, notes, and emails at one place. Apple is moving quickly to restore confidence in its systems' security ahead of the crucial launch of its new iPhone next week. And yet the claims merit some credence, as the hackers have demonstrated that they can access a small group of accounts. Customers could be permitted to disallow account access using a computer or device that does not reveal, or appears to mask, its location.

I would like to be able to still allow our users to enable iCloud and use the other features that go along with it, just to disable the new keychain feature that is available in Mavericks. Apple hasn't commented on the leaked photos yet, so there's no way of knowing for sure whether the company's iCloud service was to blame.

The two-factor authentication requires users who log in to to enter in a onetime code sent to their iOS device before being allowed to access the site. Apple's iCloud Keychain is a remote copy of the password vault that's optionally available to users of iOS and macOS devices.

The incident received so much attention online and in the media that it even prompted a response from Apple CEO Tim Cook , who told the Wall Street Journal that the company will start sending security notifications to users via email and push messages when iCloud account changes occur.

This tip examines the state of iCloud authentication, focusing on the key aspects of iCloud security that enterprises need to know. Until March of this year, iCloud Keychain and the hundreds of millions of users who rely on it were at risk due to a vulnerability in how the encryption was implemented.

First, assuming that two-factor authentication is not enabled for the user, an attacker with the victim's iCloud password would be able to directly access and modify entries in the user's iCloud KVS data," Radocea said in a blog post this week. Apple says, however, that the data keys stored in a secure place, still Apple will control them.

Many enterprise users use iPhones (or other smartphones) for personal as well as work purposes, and iOS simply lacks any sort of method for syncing other data like bookmarks and such using a private server provided by you or your employer. That means that if you're using a cloud service like iCloud, your information is stored alongside other user's information as well.

Whenever you place sensitive information in the cloud you need to consider the worst case scenarios of what could happen if an unauthorised party was to gain access to the account. Symantec Corporation, the world's leading cyber security company, allows organizations, governments, and people to secure their most important data wherever it lives.

An even better option would be to enable encryption with a single password, for those who want to explicitly secure their backup, although that can plainly not be the default without imposing significant usability problems. Even when your device is locked with a four-digit passcode, for example, it's default setting is to allow users access to the intelligent personal assistant referred to as Siri.

You'll also want to read Apple's tips on creating a strong password for your Apple ID account, or any other web service for that matter. I did that as a temporary solution to enable me to access iTunes and other Apple services, but it was a Gmail address that I created just for that purpose.

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