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cyprus company registryA Cyprus company may have 50 shareholders maximum and one minimum. A nominee shareholder is usually appointed to give privacy for the actual owner of this company. He could be an individual who we'll use to function as shareholder, in each case that the beneficial owner requires to keep their anonymity. This individual once again, is certainly one who is closely associated with our company, and also the real owners are people associated with the utmost trust, integrity and sincerity.
Anyone of age, no matter sex, offered he or she has not been announced bankrupt can be a shareholder that is nominee. To be able to secure your passions he will signal for you, the so named deed of trust, by which he undertakes not to ever deal with the stocks at all, unless he has express written guidelines from you, the beneficial owner of the company. He additionally undertakes not to utilize the capabilities allotted to him by the stocks, in other words. to appoint new directors, or perhaps a new assistant etc. unless again expressly instructed on paper by the beneficial owner. The shareholder that is nominee also signal a document called the share transfer agreement, by which he executes an open date share transfer, duly signed and witnessed. All you need to complete is complete your name or the title of any other person, indication and seal, and witness it, as well as the shares change ownership, by the filing associated with the said document at the registrar of businesses! A company may have only one shareholder by the legislation.
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2. Nominee Directors

Who can behave as a nominee director?
What powers does he have according to the legislation?
Can he damage my passions? How to restrict their powers?
How can I take over his capabilities?

A Cyprus company might have as numerous directors it takes. The minimum is certainly one director.There is definitely an answer to all of your concerns. Let’s take them one after the other. Any male or person that is female of mind and of age, who's got not announced bankruptcy, could be appointed to do something being a nominee of any company in Cyprus. A company director is the most important individual in the company framework, especially if he's the only real manager, i.e. he's the sole manager, since lately with an amendment of the legislation a company may have only 1 manager and another shareholder.

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