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- complete a written risk assessment for workplace physical violence;
- make a written workplace physical violence and harassment policy; and
- develop programs and procedures to implement the insurance policy.

An evaluation must be included by the risk assessment of a employee's personal security during the length of his / her work with or outside the boss's premises.

Companies who are aware or ought reasonably to be aware of a predicament of domestic violence are required to just take every reasonable precaution to protect their workers as a result within the workplace.

The insurance policy and procedures need to do the following:

- control the possibility of violence and harassment as identified by the assessment;
- enable workers getting crisis help when it comes to real physical violence, its danger or threat, also to report violence and harassment to the company;
- lay out a method of exactly how an manager will investigate complaints from their staff;
- cope with training employees to ensure policy compliance in the workplace.
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Tip no. 2: Evenhandedly enforce your policy, without exclusion.

In the event that you determine that the policy has been violated, enforce that policy -- regardless of offender's position in the organization! [Easier stated than done? Maybe. But look at the legal and worker relations consequences to do otherwise.]

Tip 3: implement harassment/discrimination that is user-friendly complaint and research procedures.

Provide multiple choices for registering complaints -- written, hot-line, in-person (e.g., supervisor, senior supervisor, HR) -- including one or more feminine and with as much diversity that you can
Designate (and train) male/female groups for complaint investigation

Tip 4: Communicate the insurance policy and procedures.

In writing -- employee handbook, bulletin panels, e-mail, memos, company's web site
Verbally -- brand new hire orientation, department meetings, one-on-one
Reinforce periodically with in-person statements by senior administration and supervisors that are immediate

Tip 6: Train all workers:

The essence and scope of appropriate regulations as well as your policy
Just how to refrain from all types of harassment and discrimination
Just how to respond (including complaint procedure) to harassment/discrimination

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