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Just wanted to let you know we investigating into all of the issues you reported, including a number of the bugs submitted by others as well. We keeping a close eye on our new search rollout. We comment back with some updates once we gotten to the bottom of these pesky bugs..

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After hearing Joe's description of the "personality clash" (and wondering about Olivia's ability to fight with a "senior person"), Robbie calls Erin to find out whether she was serious about threatening to walk away for good. Only four more days remain, and the other designers (Mara Hoffman, Nicholas K. And Christopher Kunz) are putting the final touches on their lines.

The myth of the Iroquois tells of three or four hunters most stories hold that there were four brothers, excellent hunters, one of which was fat and lazy however a dog chasing a great bear (called so, both because of it size, and because it had very powerful magic), named Nyah gwaheh (monsterbear), which had been terrorizing their village. They attempt to hunt down the great bear with the aid of their dog; the fat and lazy brother wants to stop and eat often, and eventually becomes tired, saying he turned his ankle, and asks the brothers to carry him, which they assent to, and are consequently slowed down, but continue to chase fiercely. The dog is on the heels of the bear, and about to be struck down when, now rested, the fat and lazy brother jumps out of his brothers arms and catches up to the bear and shoots it, killing it.

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