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Bob: Sketch shows don't do that well on TV in America. They're just not that popular. It's the kind of comedy that draws a younger audience so older people don't really care about it. A lot of suburban and regional places in the US don even have footpaths to walk on so how can one walk to a library on the verge of a busy road under a foot of snow? You forgetting your privileged of living in a warmer country where we never see snow (at least in the 5 major cities) in the winter. I lived in a rather well to do suburb (when I was in the US) and there was no footpaths at all to walk to the closest commerical area at best there was a gravel verge. I can only imagine in a lower income place like Landford where the tax revenue base is even less and more thinly spread, footpaths are a luxury they don bother much with outside of the commercial areas..

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