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My transition from getting a Muslim to ex-Muslim was sudden. Soon after spending years frustratedly attempting to reconcile my individual and religious beliefs, I realised I was being intellectually dishonest and usually bending Islam navigate to this web-site match with my private ideals. My religious cousin from Pakistan crystallized this completely when he came to remain with us. High risk behaviors noted in the Muslim culture consist of smoking, obesity, and lack of healthcare. Research show these higher threat behaviors are elevated in immigrants. Causes for this behavior can be immigration anxiety and cultural conflict. Immigration tension can cause decrease in physical exercise and overeating. There can be lack of social help method. Immigrants can have a difficult time getting health care in the new nation. Modesty of girls may prevent them from searching for healthcare with a male provider. Predestination beliefs are a component of the religion and may possibly impede wholesome decisions (Hodge, 2005).

The basis of the Islamic faith is the belief that there is only one particular God who is called, Allah. Mohammed is believed to be a prophet of Allah who was born in 571 C.E. Mohammed was to have received messages from Allah. He had followers who documented his messages of the faith in a book called the Koran. Followers of Islam use the Koran to guide their practice of faith. These incorporate practices of prayer, nutrition, hygeine, sexuality and a lot more. Exclusive to this faith is the annual month extended fasting throughout Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime (Yosef 2008).

From an Islamic viewpoint, overall health is defined as a state of physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing and is viewed as 1 of the greatest blessings God has bestowed on humankind. The globe view of Muslim patients incorporates the notion of getting illness and death with patience, meditation and prayers (Rassool, 2000). Even non-practising Muslim individuals generally get in touch with for spiritual or religious intervention when they are facing substantial challenges.

Delivering high-quality care to Muslim individuals involves getting an awareness of the ramifications of the Islamic faith and Islamic beliefs. Nurses need to realize the implications of spiritual and cultural values for clinical practice. They need to be aware of the need to have for modesty and privacy, the acceptable use of touch, dietary requirements and use of medications. This article critiques the crucial navigate to this web-site problems involved in delivering culturally competent care to Muslim sufferers.

En clippant ainsi les diapos qui vous intéressent, vous pourrez les revoir plus tard. Personnalisez le nom d'un clipboard pour mettre de côté vos diapositives. In the UK, there is also a substantial number of British-born Muslims and these who have converted to Islam. Death is portion of the journey to meet God (Lovering, 2014, 2008 Rassool, 2014c 2000). Islam attaches wonderful significance to wellness, so taking good care of one's personal well being is a religious duty.

Certainly, Muslims are not a homogeneous group and distinct groups from distinct components of the planet will have varying cultures even though they share the exact same religious values and practices. Nonetheless, their behaviour is usually shaped by cultural practices that may possibly not be in concordance with fundamental religious practices. Some of the cultural or pre-Islamic practices observed by Muslims are provided an Islamic dimension even though they are not Islamic practices (Box 1). Normally, religious or Islamic practices have roots in the Qur'an and traditions - or Sunnah, the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) (Rassool, 2014c).

Religious beliefs and values also influence patients' notions of healing. A study examining the healthcare wants of American Muslims discovered that, in addition to prayer and supplicating to God, imams, family members, healthcare providers, buddies and neighborhood members played crucial roles in the healing process (Padela et al, 2011).

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