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(Dan Tri) – Almost 8 years have passed since the first film The Sun Gate was officially released, most of the main actors in the film such as Ngoc Lan, Le Be La, Tu Vi, Nguyet Anh, Luong The Thanh. .. was happy in married life, only Hoa Hiep remained alone.

FilmSolar portreleased in 2009, with content revolving around the fun and loving student life of a group of young people. They have to deal with life’s worries, emotional relationships, friendships, and people. The faces appearing in the film are all young actors, so the natural acting style that matches the plot has attracted the attention of many viewers.Solar portbecame a TV series that won the Golden Plum Award in 2010.

Luong The Thanh (Vai Binh)

Before joining the filmSolar port, Luong The Thanh used to participateThe smell of coriander, Land of happiness…It also makes an impression on the audience. When participating in a movieSolar port, Luong The Thanh’s name is shining more and more and leaving a mark on the audience’s heart with the character Binh, handsome, smart, with a beautiful love for Cuc.

Compared to her male co-stars in the film, Luong The Thanh has had a steady development in her acting career.

After marriage Luong The Thanh – Thuy Diem always said a lot to each other and often showed affection for each other on private pages.

Ngoc Lan (Pink Shoulder)

Ngoc Lan was considered a talented actress when she played Hong – a pragmatic and materialistic girlSolar port. In order to win the love of Binh (Luong The Thanh), Hong is willing to exchange his friendship with Cuc (Nguyet Anh). The desire to change his life drove Hong to become a giant, so that at a very young age, he had to face the predicted death from HIV disease.

Thanks to his natural and deep acting, he successfully portrayed the image of the character he played. In 2014 Ngoc Lan won the Golden Kite Award for the Best Actress category in the filmPaper boatmaking it even more expensive in movie events, especially in the TV series field.

The life of the actress added a memorable milestone with the birth of baby Emo. The actress also began spending time training to get in shape, soon reuniting with the audience in a new role.

Nguyen Anh (Bahu)

Actress Nguyet Anh is known to audiences for her role as Van in the filmFall in love.But when it comes to moviesSolar portto help the beautiful actress’s career is like a “kite meets the wind”. She is much loved through the character Cuc, who is beautiful, gentle but also very tenacious.

Nguyet Anh soon participated in many TV serials and earned the love of the audience.

On 7 March 2017, the actress officially took a flower van ride with her Indian fiancé Kilaparthy Eswar Rao after 1 year of acquaintance. Nguyet Anh’s husband is now over 40 years old and is currently a fitness trainer at a well-known fitness center in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tu Vi (Bahu Teh)

Tu Vi comes from a model, she is one of the brightest faces in advertising. When joiningSolar portOnly then will his name be noticed and known more widely. In the film, Tu Vi plays Tra, a hardworking and strong student.

Tu Vi and her boyfriend – actor Van Anh know each other after participating in the filmSinging kitchen. After publicly dating in 2013, two years later she and Van Anh “went to the same house” to support family, friends and fans.

The Be La (Vai Tung)

InsideSolar portActress Le Be La plays Tung – a girl with a strong personality, direct but also very emotional. The character he played received great love from the audience and he started his acting career through this film.

After the Sun Gate, the name Le Be La really attracted attention. She participated in a series of filmsStay in the world, Sunflower, Mysterious Lover…Le Be La was quite expensive for a TV show and beloved by many small screen audiences, but its name didn’t shine as well as it might have hoped.

In addition, thanks to her participation in the film The Sun Gate, Le Be La and her husband Hai Thanh – co-director of the film had the opportunity to get to know each other and then get married. After a period of taking a break from all her work to give birth, she recently officially returned to the world of cinema with many drama projects.

Hoa Hiep (Victory)

Vai Vy – weakness, blind ambition to get richSolar portsuccessfully demonstrated by Hoa Hiep. With her bright appearance and diverse acting skills, she can transform into various roles from gentle and lovely to cunning and evil.

After the film ended, Hoa Hiep had a solid career with roles in many other hit TV series. But in 2013, he was entangled in a scandal of disrespecting the jury when he joined the “Universal Leap” program, which made Hoa Hiep’s image even worse in the eyes of the audience.

After the scandal, Hoa Hiep no longer participated in many film projects or art activities in showbiz. Currently, at the age of 36, he is still alone even though he has no intention of getting married.

Bang Chau (Synthetic)

The importance of choosing a beautiful bridal hairstyle

Beautiful bridal hair will help the bride’s beauty sublimate

Every girl wants to be amazing and perfect on the big day of her life. But the beauty of the bride is always influenced by many factors. One of them is the hairstyle. To appear youthful and radiant, the bride must of course choose a beautiful hairstyle. Suitable for facial features and body shape.

Simply put, a beautiful bridal hairstyle will support the beauty of the bride to be refined. This will help increase profits and limit losses. Conversely, if you choose a bridal hairstyle that is not quite right, it can actually reveal defects on the face. For example: thin hair, too high forehead, big face, rough….

In general, people preparing for a wedding must definitely find a beautiful bridal hairstyle. And choose the hairstyle that suits you the most. In fact, not only on the day of the wedding, but also during the engagement. Or on other important holidays, you also need to consider choosing a beautiful hairstyle.

Check out the 33+ most popular and beautiful bridal hairstyles for 2023

The 7 most beautiful round-faced bridesmaid hairstyles in 2019

This hairstyle helps the bride’s hair to be more voluminous, so it is advisable to combine hair dye to match the color of the wedding dress. Dark black color should not be left because then the bride will look older. The bride must let go of her hair to be indifferent, cutting long bangs is a very hot style nowadays. Because it covers part of the face to help deceive the appearance so that the face is thinner.

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In addition, the bride and groom should listen to the advice of makeup artists, shapers to choose the right type of dress with your color, hair style, shape and skin tone to get the most perfect appearance, as the main flower. wedding party.


Since this is a braided hairstyle, the bride needs to dye her hair a lighter color so that she can see the hairline, thereby showing the beauty of this hairstyle. Braiding this hairstyle is quite simple, you pick two curls on either side, braid three then tie them in the middle, adorned with a lovely deck of white flowers. Note that you’ll need to make your hair slightly curly for more bouncy. Veil for the bride will make you even more beautiful.


If there is a beautiful forehead, the bride does not need to wear bangs. Or if it’s not possible to leave the roof sparse, two long apricots cover the blemish. This hairstyle is very simple but very comfortable and beautiful. The hairdresser will make the bun more fluffy. Moreover, the bride will be decorated with beautiful hair clips or decorated with other motifs such as flowers or brooches. With this style, the bride can completely darken her hair naturally. High bun hair is a long form of “cheat” face.


Not all brides have a hobby of growing hair, or do not have sufficient requirements for hair extensions, or maybe don’t like wigs, so there are very beautiful styles for short hair. Round-faced brides should avoid smooth straight hairstyles, otherwise the face will become larger. Create volume for short hair, you can braid some curls to make it look more feminine.


Beautiful hairstyles for brides with round faces This is one of the most beautiful that should not be missed. The front bangs are braided around the shape of the forehead to one side, gradually braided so that the hair is connected to each other and all the way to one side. This style looks neat and loving. The ends of the hair can be left loose or braided.

This hairstyle is a powerhouse for high-necked girls, wearing backless wedding gowns that showcase the delicate skin and fragility of a young woman. If the hair is short, this braid looks neat, perfect for a formal wedding like in a church.

Low bun hairstyles are suitable for brides who tend to wear simple and loving makeup. In this style, the bride will be slightly older, but she will look very beautiful, like an Asian woman.

In order to make the bride’s face slimmer, it is recommended to divide the bangs into layers to partially cover the face. Suitable for short and long hair, the bride can loose a few curls before and after at random, creating a feeling. great.


This rose braid hairstyle is suitable for brides with shoulder length hair, all hair is neatly tied on the head. Two alternating roses on your head looks pretty and unique. Is one Braid hairstyles for round face brides It’s not difficult to do, we can do it ourselves round face bride’s hair at home with the following tools: Rubber bands, combs, hairpins, rubber bands. Next, we do the following:

With the 5 simple steps above, we have a very beautiful bridal hairstyle, helping the bride to confidently take wedding photos on the big day of her life.

Her mullet is styled in a low bun like a French bride and paired with small, sparkly accessories to help her stand out and stand out on her big day.


Brides with round faces can also opt for a ponytail. If pinning your hair, pin each strand inward to make it look fuller. If you’re wearing a ponytail, tie the elastic tightly and whip loose hair for the perfect look.


The graceful beauty who steps down the aisle with a soft and feminine low bun will definitely make her satisfied with the result. Styling this hairstyle is almost like a high bun, with a low bun it will be coordinated by experts to maintain braid and bun hairstyles. The bridal eaves will be braided or styled or messy and tucked neatly in the back.


A round face is a good-natured face. Although it is not as elegant as a girl with a V-line chin, it has a different kind of gentle beauty. Hopefully, through this article, the bride and groom can choose the right hairstyle and look beautiful at the wedding. Thank you for interacting with this article and wish you all the best in life.

25 Beautiful, Cute, Modern Bridal Hairstyles

There are many beautiful bridal hairstyles for you to choose freely

In fact, there are many beautiful bridal hairstyles that women can choose from. From simple but beautiful bridal hairstyles to high bun bridal hairstyles or sweet and impressive braided hairstyles.

The following is a beautiful bridal hairstyle that is predicted to make a scene in 2023. You can see information and pictures of this beautiful bridal hair. To easily choose the right hairstyle for you, to help you become very beautiful:

The bride’s hair loose

Beautiful simple bridal hairstyle, suitable for various face shapes

You can use loose hairstyles to balance and hide the flaws on your face


There are many types of accessories that go well with loose bridal hairstyles

The first beautiful bridal hairstyle that you need to pay attention to is the loose or flowing bridal hair. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it can be easily adjusted to fit. With a face to help you be more beautiful on your wedding day. In fact, if skillfully arranged, this hairstyle can help a bride balance her face.

Depending on the beauty you want to pursue, you can balance to choose a different hairstyle. For example, a bride who pursues bright beauty can let her hair fall naturally. Or gently curl big curls. If the bride wants to look luxurious and beautiful, she must comb her hair to create natural volume. And combined with accessories such as crowns, head pins with sparkling stones….

However, when choosing this hairstyle, the bride and groom also need to pay special attention to the weather. In hot weather, this hairstyle can be frustrating for brides. Especially for the bride and groom who have an outdoor wedding.

On the other hand, in spring, autumn and winter, this hairstyle is a very suitable choice. This can help a bride show off her long, healthy hair. Show off your sweet beauty and full of tenderness, femininity.

High bun hairstyle

High bun hair is included in the group of the most beautiful bridal hairstyles

This hairstyle is chosen by many brides because of its neatness and comfort


Brides can combine hairstylesyoung with this sexy V-neck wedding dress

Referring to the most beautiful bridal hairstyles, you cannot ignore the high bun. This hairstyle is chosen by many brides because it is neat and very comfortable. Apart from that, the high bun hairstyle will help the bride show off her sexy white smooth neck and shoulders. This works even more when the bride chooses a V-neck wedding dress or a sexy backless gown.

However, when choosing this beautiful bridal hairstyle, you also need to pay attention. It can make the bride’s face look a little older. Therefore, during the styling process, the bride and groom must have careful discussions with the hairstylist. To hold some bangs gently. It also helps create a natural look for the face. Just cover both sides of the forehead and help the bride to be more youthful and noble.

Brides who choose high bun hair can also be combined with crowns and veils. These are all very supportive accessories which can help a bride to be more beautiful and radiant.

Low side bun

The low side bun is a simple yet beautiful bridal hairstyle


This hairstyle helps the bride to exude a loving and sweet look


You can team it up with a simple accessory like a rhinestone head pin

This is one of the simple but beautiful bridal hairstyles. It conquers many brides with its loving and sweet beauty. Even this hairstyle is not only loved by brides. But also many powerful Hollywood stars on the red carpet of major events.

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In terms of characteristics, this beautiful bridal hairstyle often conveys the impression of gentleness and aristocracy of the nobility. It’s pretty simple, easy to style. It’s not easy to create an old and stiff impression like a high bun. Especially when choosing this hairstyle, the image of the bride will be natural and sweet. Simply create light curls on either side of your face and remove some of the bangs.

However, when choosing a low bun, the bride and groom also need to pay attention. This hairstyle is not very sturdy. Without the help of a professional hairdresser. This hairstyle can be “contradictory”, left loose without styling.

For accessories, the bride can use a small safety pin inlaid with sparkling stones. You can choose star accessories or use fresh flowers or other small decorations.

The bride’s hair is half tiedtoc-co-dau-dep

Half-tied bridal hair can give a simple and elegant look


This hairstyle is suitable for trendy minimalist hairstyles and makeup

Short hair girls can choose this beautiful hairstyle

Simple and elegant is what a half-boned hairstyle can bring to you. Moreover, compared to other bridal hairstyles, the half ponytail hairstyle is very easy to do. Close to everyday life and suitable for today’s minimalist makeup and hair styles.

As shared by a professional hairstylist from Mimosa Wedding Studio. The half tie bridal hairstyle is very easy to combine with accessories. You just need to choose small accessories like a bouquet made of tiny flowers, rhinestones, pearls combined with a light chiffon scarf to make the bride beautiful and shining.

In particular, this hairstyle is suitable for wedding day and wedding day, suitable for sweet and lovely princess bridal makeup and deep vintage style, bringing out the beauty of the moment.

Traditional braided hairtoc-co-dau-dep

This beautiful bridal hairstyle has been used for a long time


This hairstyle represents the traditional feminine girl


The high braid hairstyle is comfortable and neat

Braided hair is a hairstyle every girl has tried. This is also a beautiful bridal hairstyle that can help you feel more confident on your big day.

In terms of characteristics, this hairstyle represents traditional girls who are feminine but no less sweet and radiant. Of course, to prepare for a wedding or other important events such as engagement parties, braid hairstyles will undergo certain changes.

Specifically, instead of the usual neatly braided hair, the bride can opt for a stylish braid style, combined with natural curls and puffiness. You can also combine it creatively with a rhinestone strap that runs the length of your hair or a pretty and striking rhinestone accessory.

If the bride is pursuing a soft and nostalgic style, she can opt for braided hair teamed with a floral and chiffon bouquet. If you want to combine a soft and somewhat classic look with a dynamic and confident look, you should go for a comfortable and neat high braid. This hairstyle helps the bride flaunt her pretty white neck and shoulders.

Beautiful short bridal hairstyles

Beautiful bridal hairstyles for short hair


Even with short hair, brides can still try this simple low bun

Neat and beautiful hairstyles for short haired brides

Girls with short hair usually don’t worry too much about styling their hair, even on their wedding day. Because short hair is very easy to style. You can let it go naturally, you can curl big curls, pressing them down or braiding one side…. Not only are there many ways of styling that the bride and groom can choose freely, but beautiful short bridal hairstyles also help make the face more elegant, making it easier for women to deceive their age and become cuter in everyone’s eyes.

Hairstyle for the bride wearing a long dresstoc-co-dau-dep

A simple yet beautiful hairstyle for the bride to wear

The bride can choose this hairstyle for the wedding day


Hairstyles that match other heads

Bride hairstyle to wear long dress is also known as bride hair on wedding day. Because in most cases, the bride often wears ao dai, on the wedding day and chooses a pure white wedding dress at the wedding. Of course, if you want to have a pure Vietnamese wedding, if you want to go to your husband’s house in a long dress combined with a traditional headband, you can also choose this hairstyle.

In terms of characteristics, this is not a single hairstyle but all the hairstyles that are suitable for brides who use fixed accessories to make a headdress. You can choose a neat bun, you can choose a bun with bangs or with two curls that fall on the sides. The bride can also combine a headband with natural long hair or luxurious curly hair.

In general, when wearing an ao dai combined with a headband, the bride always has many choices of hairstyles. You can choose the most suitable hairstyle based on your preferences and facial features.

Beautiful bridal hairstyle with crowntoc-co-dau-dep

Brides wearing crowns can choose this hairstyle


The hairstyle combined with the crown can help the bride to be beautiful and shining

Crowns are also a familiar accessory for brides. A beautiful little crown can help the bride to be more beautiful and shine on her big day. In addition, similar to the headband, the crown is also suitable for many hairstyles, also helping the bride create various transformations, increasing her attractiveness and splendor.

Additionally, whether the bride has short or long, sparkling hair, a tiara is the perfect accessory. For example, the bride can combine a crown with a high bun. Crowns can be used with long curly hair or herringbone braided hair. When using accessories such as crowns, the bride also needs attention, so choose a hairstyle with certain ruffles to create certainty, creating the perfect combination….

Bridal hairstyle with a beautiful bouquet

If the accessory is a flower bouquet, the bride must try this beautiful hairstyle

Hairstyles combined with flower bouquets are usually very easy to do

Another name in the list of beautiful bridal hairstyles that you need to pay attention to is the bridal hairstyle with flower bouquets. This beautiful bridal hairstyle is often suitable for gentle and gentle girls. Relatively simple but still helps the bride to enhance her charming and charming beauty.

Moreover, this bridal hairstyle combined with a bouquet of flowers has many variations that are adapted to many facial features. They can help the bride maximize her beauty. For example, the bride can combine a fresh bouquet with loose hair or a low bun to the side. You can also combine the wreath with side braided hair, creating ruffles.

Bridal hairstyle with beautiful bangs

Bridal hairstyles with bangs will help you to be young and beautiful

Bangs can help you hide the flaws on your face


This hairstyle is suitable for various face shapes

This bridal hairstyle with bangs will help you to be young and beautiful. In addition, this hairstyle is suitable for various face shapes. It also helps women easily hide some flaws on the face. Especially defects on the forehead and side of the temples. When choosing a bridal hairstyle with beautiful bangs, women also have many choices. You can choose light bangs, you can choose long bangs or side bangs….

Beautiful hair for brides with long facestoc-co-dau-dep

Long-faced brides can opt for this simple and ingenious hairstyle

Brides can also base on facial features to choose the right hairstyle. In particular, long-faced brides should opt for a simple yet ingenious hairstyle to accentuate the fine lines of the face. This can be a low bun, a high bun with ruffles, or a simple ponytail.

In addition, when choosing a hairstyle, the bride and groom must also base on the selected makeup style combined with facial features to choose the most suitable hairstyle. For example, a bride who chooses Korean makeup should choose a simple ponytail or a natural low bun.

Brides can also cleverly combine familiar accessories such as fresh flowers, veils, hairpins encrusted with stones to limit the shortcomings of a long face.

Beautiful hair for round face brides

The round-faced and slightly chubby bride also has many choices of hairstyles

Brides with cute round faces will also have many choices of hairstyles. You can choose a beautiful and charming hairstyle to follow your husband back to the palace such as a low bun or high bun combined with sparkling metallic accessories. You can also choose a long wavy hairstyle to help make the facial contours more harmonious and balanced. This group of hairstyles will make your face less round and accentuate your smooth and feminine lines.

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Beautiful hair for square face brides

The hairstyle is suitable for both square and angular faces, helping the bride exude elegance and luxury

Many brides worry because they cannot choose the right hairstyle for their square and angular faces. If you also fall into this group, don’t worry too much. Because in fact, a square face is easy to choose a hairstyle. In fact, this face is considered suitable for all beautiful hairstyles for brides.

With each hairstyle, you only need to base your facial features to apply some minor changes. These changes will make your face more harmonious and graceful. Even with an angular square face, the bride will easily exude a luxurious and luxurious impression that not all face types have. You can immediately see the following list of beautiful hairstyles for square-faced brides:

Beautiful Korean bridal hairtoc-co-dau-dep

Fans of Korean culture can choose this beautiful and simple hairstyle

Korean-style beautiful bridal hairstyles are becoming the choice of many people

toc co dau dep

Hairstyles help the bride exude a soft, simple look but still luxurious and attractive

If you are a fan of Korean culture and cinema, you can choose a Korean bridal hairstyle for the big day. This beautiful hairstyle is quite suitable for the characteristics of the Vietnamese. It helps women easily exude a soft, simple but still luxurious and attractive look.

Moreover, because it is a group of hairstyles that emphasize natural and soft beauty, Korean bridal hair is usually quite simple. The design and arrangement steps are not too picky and do not take up too much time for the bride and groom. Apart from that, because it is a collection of simple and gentle hairstyles, beautiful Korean bridal hair is also very suitable for weddings or other important events.

Another beautiful bridal hairstyle

There are many other bridal hairstyles for you to consider and choose from

A simple hairstyle, easy to apply but equally attractive to the bride and groom


The hair design is suitable for a wedding held outdoors, by the sea

Apart from the beautiful and extraordinary bridal hairstyles above, you can also choose other impressive bridal hairstyles such as:

  • A simple ponytail for the bride who likes to be soft but equally dynamic and attractive. When choosing this hairstyle, you can combine it with crystal flowers to add highlights to your hair.
  • The classic chiffon bun is a traditional nostalgic hairstyle that is very much to the taste of many Vietnamese brides. If you’re planning a vintage-style wedding, you can’t help but consider this chic, elegant, and classic hairstyle.
  • Bridal hair updo – this is a hairstyle with a certain variation compared to the usual bun. This will create natural volume and bring soft beauty to the hair. Moreover, this hairstyle is perfect for brides with thin hair. When choosing this hairstyle, you can combine it with sparkling accessories such as crowns or stone encrusted hairpins….

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