How to install Youtube on computer

YouTube Vanced is an application that is highly appreciated by Android mobile users, YouTube Vanced gives you a very smooth YouTube viewing experience. Apart from that, YouTube Vanced brings lots of interesting features which enhance the mobile user experience. Here, I will guide how to download YouTube Vanced which you should download even if Vanced Manager stops working.

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Because the Vanced app has stopped working, from now on you can’t download and install it from the app’s official website, so if you want to use the app, we can find the download link of the Vanced Manager APK file or use the old YouTube Vanced version to be able to use it normally .

Here I will reveal to you the link to download YouTube Vanced 6/2022.

Step 1: Click the download link below to go to the download link for the latest 2022 Vanced YouTube application

Step 2: After clicking on the link, please wait for a while for the download link to fully update for you. When it is fully updated, just click download.

Step 3: Next, install the file and open Vanced Manager, then install YouTube Manager as normal steps when you use the old version of YouTube Vanced and you’re done. Downloading YouTube Vanced has never been easier.

YouTube Vanced’s discontinuation of support has left a huge regret for the Android user community. However, by downloading the latest YouTube Vanced 2022, you can automatically install a super smooth YouTube viewing application. At the same time, you can also download the old version of YouTube Vanced in the way below, please watch it right away. .

Compared to Downloading old version of YouTube Vanced, enjoy the latest utility of this latest version of YouTube Vanced. Quickly apply how to download the latest YouTube Vanced APK 2022 to your phone.

In addition, there is also information that the new YouTube ReVanced and YouTube Vanced iOS applications will be released soon. If there is any information about YouTube ReVanced or how to download the new YouTube ReVanced, I will update the article so we can experience it together.

It must be said that the new YouTube Vanced 2022 has a very beautiful interface, a good experience that is no different from the original YouTube application. Apart from the interface elements, you can’t ignore the series of interesting features that this application brings such as:

In the Account , you choose bundle to sign in with your Google account. You can also choose Arrangement or Help and Feedback application here.

You can adapt the function to use YouTube Vanced – a better ad-free music player.

Downloading YouTube Vanced means you can watch YouTube from your screen very easily. This is the fastest way to download YouTube Vanced, please refer to it.

Step 1 . You access the link below, select download Advanced Manager (v2.6.0) and proceed with the installation like any other normal APK file.

Step 2 . Open the Vanced Manager application, press Start . Select the application you want to install, namely YouTube Vanced and YouTube Music Vanced, select it Continue . If you only have casual entertainment needs, choose YouTube Vanced.

Please continue to download YouTube Vanced APK to your device to experience features such as listening to YouTube music, turning off the screen, listening to music on YouTube, when exiting.

Step 3 . If your device is not rooted, press Nonroot . Then you download advanced microG First.

Step 4 . Now you can download YouTube Vanced and YouTube Music Vanced, you can quickly adjust parameters such as Background , Version: when And Language . Press Arrangement .

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If you often want to listen to YouTube music from your screen, black background mode is very important for you.

With Vanced on your computer, you can’t download apps like you can on your phone, but the manufacturer also provides you with another solution. On the Youtube PC site there will also be a link to add the extension to your browser application. Click the link below to try it now.

Apart from that, you can also refer to: How to watch YouTube from the screen very simply without downloading the application

How do you find the new version of YouTube Vanced, is it as comfortable as the old YouTube Vanced? Please comment below what you think. Don’t forget to click Like and Share to support me. Thank you for following this article. Thank you for following this post.

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Download Youtube with Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge is similar to Chrome, they are all developed from the Chromium kernel and the features are pretty much the same. However, Edge also has an app tool generator with lots of improvements.

Step 1: Open the Edge browser available in Windows 10 and open the Youtube page.

Next, choose Options (1) => Application (2) => Youtube settings (3) .

Chọn Cài đặt Youtube

Step 2: Please press Arrangement to confirm the installation of the application to the computer.

Nhấn Cài đặt để xác nhận việc cài đặt ứng dụng vào máy tính

Step 3: After successful installation, please press Open to watch Youtube.

Nhấn Mở để xem Youtube

Step 4: So you have completed installing Youtube using Edge, now login to personalize content and usage.

Hoàn tất việc cài đặt Youtube bằng Edge

In this article, Software Tips shows you how to quickly and effectively install Youtube for your computer. Have a nice day!

Using a web browser like Google Chrome is the easiest way to access YouTube. However, you can download YouTube for your Windows 10 computer to access this video platform more quickly.

YouTube is a video hosting and sharing platform by Google that is used by billions of people around the world. This lets you upload and stream videos from anywhere, as long as you have a good internet connection. Moreover, this platform can be accessed via any web browser on a computer running Windows 10.

YouTube vẫn chưa có ứng dụng chính thức cho Windows trên Microsoft Store

YouTube still doesn’t have an official Windows app in the Microsoft Store

Unlike Netflix, YouTube doesn’t have a dedicated app on Windows 10. Google has never been interested in developing apps for the Microsoft Store. Viewing YouTube videos as a Progressive Web App (PWA) has several advantages over viewing in a browser. Applications can take advantage of the features of the Windows 10 operating system to improve video and audio quality.

Recently, there have been rumors that Google may be working on a dedicated app for Windows 10 but they have not been confirmed and Google has not provided any comment on the matter. Previously, they also refused to develop or create applications for mobile phones running the Windows Mobile operating system. However, you can still get the YouTube app on your Windows 10 PC with a little trick.

PWAs are solutions that allow websites to provide users with the same experience as applications, such as the ability to work offline – notifications – automatic updates – install and uninstall along with many other features. However, implementation of these functions is up to each developer.

In the case of the YouTube app, Google only provides basic features, and you won’t find any options to download videos or use the app without an internet connection. In the guide below, you will learn how to install the YouTube progressive web app (YouTube PWA) on Windows 10 via the following steps.

Step 1: Open the Google Chrome browser on your Windows 10 computer.

Truy cập YouTube

Step 2: Go to the YouTube website by following the link:

Nhấn vào nút Tùy chỉnh

Step 3: press the button Habit Chrome (the 3 dot icon in the upper right corner of the browser interface). Then click on options “YouTube settings…” in the list.

Cài đặt ứng dụng YouTube PWA

Step 4: Approve the installation of the YouTube PWA app with the click of a button Arrangement .

Phiên bản ứng dụng web tiến bộ (PWA) của YouTube

After you complete the steps, Google Chrome will install the YouTube version of the PWA app on Windows 10.

Ứng dụng YouTube đã xuất hiện trong danh sách các ứng dụng trong Windows

To check, you can enter the Start menu to see that the YouTube application has appeared in the list of applications in Windows. Apart from that, the YouTube icon is also present on the Desktop. You can tap on it to go directly to YouTube without having to go through the browser again.

Apart from that, you can also perform the same instructions above on the Microsoft Edge browser. However, you should update and use the latest versions of both browsers before going through the steps to download Youtube to your computer guided by FPSHop in the article.

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Cercube’s new update for Youtube for iOS (supposedly divine version of Youtube Vanced on Android) has been officially released. With bug fixes, interface improvements and the addition of several new features to give users the same experience as the original YouTube app. In addition, with many very powerful and attractive supporting features, it also helps you watch YouTube much more useful. The following is a guide on how to download the latest version of Cercube for Youtube for iPhone. And don’t wait too long, let’s find out with me directly in this article.

Mobile phones iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max are equipped with the iOS 16 operating system by Apple to help provide users with the smoothest experience. What are you waiting for, don’t order now at Mobile World to get detailed advice and many other attractive offers.

Step 1 . You access the link below. Choose Download Free Version .

Step 2 . You’re in Arrangement > General Settings > Device and configuration management > Your little PandaHelper .

Step 3 . Back on the main screen, open PandaHelper. Select items Application and keyword search Cercube 5 . Then press the button Install to install the application.

First you need to setup the app as below.

Step 1 . You install the AltStore tool on your computer using the link below.

Step 2 . Connect iPhone to computer, click the diamond icon on Taskbar > Select Instal AltStore > Your iPhone/iPad.

Step 3 . Proceed to sign in with your Apple ID. AltStore installation on your iPhone will take place.

Step 4 . After your iPhone successfully displays the AltStore application on the main screen. You have to trust the app from the developer.

Step 5 . You open AltStore > Arrangement > Sign in with the previously used Apple ID account when installing the device from the computer.

Step 6 . Open the Safari browser, access the Cercube IPA file sharing link below, then click download.

Step 7 . You open the AltStore application, select it my application > press + > Select the downloaded file. The installation of Cercube will take a few minutes, you can immediately use the application when the installation is complete in AltStore, without having to go through the developer trust operation in Settings again.

The interface of the Cercube application for Youtube version 15.13.3 is no different from the original Youtube application.

So it’s finished, I will guide everyone how to download the latest version of the Cercube for Youtube application. If you encounter any problems during the installation process, please comment below. Don’t forget to click Like and Share to support me. Thank you very much for viewing the article.

In addition to 24h Tech, readers can refer to more reliable information about Apple such as HOT promotions, tips on using iPhone, iPad … on TopZone’s TekZone page. iFans especially, hard to ignore, click the orange button below to access if you’re interested!


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Download Youtube with Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome is a well-known browser worldwide and if you need it, you can still download Youtube through the intermediary of Chrome.

Step 1: Please open it Preferences => Settings => About Chrome to update to the latest browser version.

Chọn Giới thiệu về Chrome để cập nhật liên phiên bản mới nhất của trình duyệt

Step 2: Then, open Youtube in your browser and click on the icon YouTube settings in the URL bar.

Nhấn vào biểu tượng Cài đặt Youtube trên thanh URL

Step 3: The system will ask if you want to install the app and you just have to press Arrangement start.

Nhấn Cài đặt để bắt đầu

Step 4: Once installed, Youtube on the computer will open automatically and it is an application built on top of the Chrome browser platform. But they will work independently like regular software.

Youtube trên máy tính sẽ tự động được mở và đây là một ứng dụng được xây dựng dựa trên nền tảng trình duyệt Chrome

Step 5: The next time you want to open Youtube, you just need to activate the Youtube icon on the screen.

Khi bạn muốn mở Youtube thì chỉ cần bạn kích hoạt biểu tượng Youtube ngoài màn hình

Step 6: To personalize content, login to your Youtube, Gmail, Google account to sync recommendations.

Đăng nhập vào tài khoản Youtube, Gmail, Google để đồng bộ hóa đề xuất

How to download videos to your computer easily and quickly

Sometimes in the process of browsing YouTube, users accidentally see an interesting video and want to save it to watch later or share it with friends. However, you don’t know how to download it. So immediately apply the 11 most effective ways to download YouTube videos to your computer.

Step 1 : Users access YT1 online here.

Step 2 : Paste the video link that the user wants to download on YouTube and click Convert.

Step 3 : Click Download to complete the video download.

Step 1 : Download Coc Coc browser to your computer Here .

Step 2 : Open the video that the user wants to download and select DOWNLOAD.

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Step 3 : The user waits for a while for the video to finish downloading.

Method 1: Change the URL extension

Step 1 : Open YouTube and find the video you want to download.

Step 2 : Replace ss in video URL link. Specifically, replace “www.” to “ss” in the video URL.

Step 3 : Select the video quality and click Download.

Method 2: Download via SaveFrom web

Step 1 : First, the user enters the SaveFrom web here.

Step 2 : Paste the video link from YouTube that the user wants to download here. Then select the video quality and click Download.

Step 1 : Download and install Download Manager Here

Step 2 : After completing the user setup, open the video you want to download and click Download this video. Then the user’s favorite video will be downloaded to the computer.

Step 1 : User enters y2mate web Here .

Step 2 : Paste the video link that the user wants to download on YouTube here and select Start.

Step 3 : Select the video quality and click Download.

Step 1 : First, the user has to go to the SaveTheVideo website Here .

Step 2 : Paste the video link that the user wants to download, then click Download.

Step 3 : Continue by selecting Download Video.

Step 4 : Click the Download command and finish.

Download 4K videos from YouTube via Videoder

Step 1 : Unduh Videoder Here

Step 2 : Paste the video link you want to download from YouTube here and click Download.

Step 3 : Select the video quality and click the blue arrow to download.

Using 4K Video Downloader

Step 1 : Download Video Downloader Here .

Step 2 : Click the red arrow in the middle of the interface.

Step up 3: Paste the video link that the user wants to download from YouTube, then select the quality of the video, finally click Download Now to download the video to computer.


Step 1 : Open the website Here . Next paste the video link that the user wants to download from YouTube. Then, click on the arrow and select 4K resolution to download.

Step 2 : Automatically generate 4K video download link to 100% complete. Next, click the down arrow next to Download. Then, click Copy link and paste the link in a new tab to download YouTube videos to your computer.


Step 1 : Visit the website Here , then paste the link of the video you want to download from YouTube.

Step 2 : Scroll down, user will see a list of downloaded video resolutions. Select the appropriate resolution and click Download.

Method 1: Download directly from web

Step 1 : The user accesses the web Here , then Paste the video link you want to download from YouTube and click Get video link.

Step 2 : Select the video quality, then click Download Video. Finally, click Download again to complete the download.

Method 2: Add X2 to the link to download the video

Step 1 : Open a YouTube video that the user needs to download. In the URL, the user adds the letters X2 after the word YouTube and presses Enter to go to where the web mp3 video is downloaded.

Step 2 : New Web pages will appear with different quality and resolution. Next, the user selects Download video. Finally select Download again to download.

Step 1 : Access to Clip Converter web Here and paste the video link you want to download. Then choose resolution, video format and press Start.

Step 2 : Click Download to download YouTube videos to your computer.

Even though it’s the most commonly used browser today, Chrome still doesn’t have a built-in YouTube video download mode. However, users can download the YouTube Video Downloader extension and install it into the app.

Step 1 : Download and install YTD Video Downloader Here .

Step 2 : Paste the URL of the YouTube video that the user wants to download and press Enter. Finally, click on Download to download YouTube Videos to your computer.

In this post Mobile Phone Hospital 24 hours not only teach you how to download YouTube to computer, but also download YouTube videos for free. If you find it useful, please don’t keep it to yourself, or share it with your friends for reference. If you experience problems in the process of carrying out the methods above, please bring the phone to 24 hours or call the Hotline 1900.0213 for support.

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