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Giving Evidence of Faith in Life – Template 3

When students cite evidence of their beliefs in life in their writing, students are able to support and clarify their points.

Life is a place that contains opportunities for people to thrive, along with countless challenges that people must overcome if they are to maintain success and happiness. Difficulties can make people despair, give up, but if we always keep the light of faith, we will exert all our efforts and strength to overcome everything.

“Faith” is belief, belief in oneself or something good in life. Holding the light of faith is the attitude of believing people in everything and all situations. When there is faith, people have great spiritual power to fulfill their desires, plans and goals.

Life always has contradictions and adversity that can hinder human steps, so the light of faith will be an important factor to guide the way to overcome the darkness of adversity towards the light of success, happiness.

When you have faith in yourself, faith in human life will move your mental strength, effort, and best efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges. In the face of adversity, if we ourselves do not have the belief that we can overcome it, we will always bow our heads to circumstances and those circumstances will always be obstacles preventing us from succeeding.

Without the power of the spirit of solidarity, without belief in the strength of the nation, how could our ancestors achieve glorious victories in the two wars of resistance against the French colonialists and American imperialists to liberate their homeland.

When people have faith, people will always be optimistic, love life, always take the initiative in life, so that no difficulties can bring us down. And only with faith, people can get rid of negative emotions: anxiety, fear of uncertainty and life’s difficulties, faith helps us to be more motivated to develop strength, capacity, train courage in facing and solving problems.

Confidence is the guiding light for humans to overcome all obstacles to step onto the podium of success and happiness. Confidence is a positive mental emotion, although it cannot be easily seen with the eyes, it can greatly influence people’s actions and thoughts.

However, to overcome adversity and achieve happiness, it is not enough just to have faith, faith needs to go hand in hand with real action and effort. Beliefs also need to be based on reality because not all imaginary and surreal beliefs can be implemented while we are not able to do it ourselves.

To overcome difficulties and challenges, we need to be alert and act positively, let the light of faith guide the way. When we have faith, we have a stronger foundation for future success.

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Selective Self Examination Sample Essay – Lesson 6

Sample Self-Selective Examination Letter helps kids learn and improve themselves with good knowledge.

Trying doesn’t guarantee success, but not trying is sure to fail. And the first motivation that motivates people is self-confidence. Thanks to self-confidence, some people have done the impossible, instead of contributing to society…

As in 1962, after taking the song to Decca record company officials, the four boys received candid comments: “We can’t stand your dirty voice. What you’re playing isn’t real music.” Undeterred, the four boys continued their quest, and eventually the four boys became known as The Beatle.

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell succeeded in inventing the telephone, but no one supported his invention because at that time the telegraph was still a popular means of communication. Even the current US president Rutherford Habes said after witnessing the call test: “This is an amazing invention. But ask anyone who wants to use a telephone!”. But time has proven the life of this great invention.

In 1940, Chester Carlson presented his invention to more than 20 companies from small to large but all received a shake of the head rejecting his “ridiculous invention”. But he still didn’t give up until 1947, his invention was copyrighted by the Haloid company “the process of copying documents on paper with electrostatic principles”. And now, Haloid is Xero Corporation – a world leader in copiers.

In the undeveloped age of science and technology, under the influence of religion, everyone thought that the earth was the center of the universe, but many scientists began to prove the opposite, breaking the prejudices of society. Although scientists were severely persecuted, some were sentenced to the guillotine, but through perseverance and faith, we know the truth about the shape of the earth.

People’s beliefs not only help them discover their talents and develop themselves, but sometimes thanks to those beliefs, it creates great values ​​for society. Not only advancing self-development, but also advancing the development of society and leaving a historical mark in the course of history.

Apart from that, self-confidence also helps us to calmly handle and respond to unexpected situations. Life is full of difficulties, many unexpected events arise, if you don’t have enough courage and self-confidence, you will be knocked down by life. But when you believe you can, can finish it, the dark clouds will dissipate in your soul.

The need to accompany self-confidence is often optimism. Because he knows everything will have a solution. Talking to confident people will make us feel comfortable, attractive, quickly attracted and make a strong impression. Therefore, it is not surprising that self-confident people are always loved and respected by everyone. They are people’s support when they are in trouble when they need advice.

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The following are some typical examples for this type of social discourse about life phenomena, which candidates for the 2020 high school graduation exams may refer to.

Các dẫn chứng tiêu biểu cho dạng nghị luận xã hội về hiện tượng đời sống

A typical example for this type of social discourse about life phenomena

This is the information from the editor Hanoi School of Medicine and Pharmacy – Pasteur School of Medicine and Pharmacy summarizes, in high school graduation exams, there is a section for writing a 200 word argumentative paragraph about problems in life. While working on this section, the candidate needs to get evidence because without this action, the essay is considered incomplete and does not get the maximum score. According to the teachers, taking social evidence essays about life phenomena proves the candidate’s understanding of the topic as well as social knowledge, and at the same time makes the essay more convincing and interesting, without blurring, and theoretical instructions. , to help the candidate get full marks in this section.

When taking evidence for a social argument essay, candidates should pay attention to:

Typical example synthesis for social discourse about life phenomena

The following is a typical example of this type of social discourse about life phenomena by editors Hanoi Nursing Academy – Pasteur Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, candidates can refer during the Literature Sprint exam preparation period as follows:

Wishing the candidates good results in the upcoming important exams.


Is that proof?

Evidence is evidence as a solid basis for arguments, increasing the accuracy and persuasion of arguments and arguments in argumentative essays, it is the full name of evidence and analysis and comments leading to evidence in argumentative essays.

In the social discussion section, evidence taking is necessary. Without this action, your article is considered incomplete and will not be able to get the maximum score. Retrieval effect Evidence of the latest social discourse 2023 Become:

– Retrieval of evidence demonstrating the candidate’s understanding of the topic as well as the candidate’s social knowledge;

– Make articles more persuasive, interesting, unambiguous, theoretical;

– Help to get full marks in social essay writing section.

Usually every argument will have evidence. However, if you don’t choose the right arguments and analyze the evidence in depth, it will make the article blurry or distorted. So keep in mind:

– For an essay on a phenomenon in life, it is necessary to give a lot of examples in the section that state the true state of affairs.

– For the form of argumentative essays about an idea or morality, the analysis and proof must be accompanied by evidence.

Impressive Evidence of Belief – Lesson 9

Memorable Belief Essays will help students practice concise and visual expressions.

To be successful in life one has to practice many good qualities, qualities and abilities. One of the must-have qualities is self-confidence. Confidence is the first condition for doing great things. Confidence is believing in one’s own abilities, taking the initiative in everything. Dare to decide for yourself and act with certainty, without hesitation. Someone who acts decisively, dares to think and dares to act

Confidence manifests itself in many different ways in life. When you dare to speak in front of a crowd, sing or speak confidently about your presentation, you have given yourself the opportunity to showcase your own talents and qualities. Believing is first of all believing in our abilities, believing in our dreams and goals to pursue even if we fail.

Living confidently will help you have more energy and creativity to make a great career. Conversely, living without self-confidence will make people small and weak, work efficiency is not high or failure.

When you want to be successful in life but you are just a weakling, a coward and a coward in front of everyone, you need to trade money, materials, even yourself to get what you want. Instead, try to change the way your life is confidently standing and continue our own path to success.

If someone goes to work and they lack confidence and just shut up, they’re falling behind and it’s going to be hard to beat themselves and the job. A student who goes to school when he doesn’t understand something just sits quietly and is afraid to ask his teacher, that student will always be a weak student.

In life, there are many shining examples of self-confidence that are worth respecting and learning from. Thomas Edison is an example of his self-confidence and perseverance. He failed thousands of times before inventing the electric light bulb. For him every failure is a step towards success. Edison once said, “I have not failed, I have found 9999 ways that will not make success”. Thanks to his self-confidence, perseverance and determination, Edison invented an electric light bulb that burned for more than 1,500 hours.

Self-confidence helps people to develop and quickly move towards their success. There are people who are only afraid of being ridiculed by others, ridiculing themselves, but don’t dare to break through with their own desires.

However, in life it is also indispensable for overconfident people, which means that they are really not good at this field or subject, but they still pretend and think themselves very good, looking down on others. Usually such people find it very difficult to succeed in life because their negative thoughts and words make them fall back.

Not everyone is born confident to speak in front of a crowd or do something in front of everyone. Even singers, professors in lecture halls, lawyers, they have to painstakingly practice speaking in front of a mirror to be able to stand in front of people and overcome embarrassment. To overcome this, we need to propose steps to practice for those who are shy and lack self-confidence so that they are successful, unleash their creative passion on your path.

As a student, if you want to practice self-confidence, you have to be proactive and self-disciplined in learning, actively participate in group activities, continuously improve yourself, eliminate shame, self-consciousness, dependency, the three truths. More talking to build confidence, more observing to gain knowledge, more learning to become talented. Then you will definitely gain self-confidence.

Stand firm in the face of adversity. Don’t let them get you down! Struggle to stay calm, even fully overcome crises and turn them into opportunities. Determined not to let go of the ego image. Even if you fail, you must maintain a positive outlook on yourself. No matter what, you have to keep past successes in your imagination, ready to pop up on the screen of your mind.

In life, there are still many people who lack confidence. Before difficulties and challenges, they don’t dare to overcome them because of fear, fear of getting hurt, of losing. Oftentimes, they miss opportunities to do better and more successful jobs because of an unconscious lack of self-confidence. People who lack self-confidence not only miss opportunities, but can also harm other people. Such people are pathetic.

No matter what happens, no matter what you lose, no matter what setbacks you have to endure, you have to believe in yourself. Then you will be able to face the crisis, with courage and serenity, determined not to give up; That way you won’t fall. You will be able to support yourself.

Confidence is an important key in every human life to pave the perfect path to success in the future. It is belief that creates hope. So let’s practice it now so that when we look back we don’t regret anything.

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How to analyze evidence?

– In essays, argumentative essays occupy a very important position because our grandparents had the sentence: “There is a tip, the book has proof” indeed. Evidence of the latest social discourse 2023

In terms of argument, an essay consists of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion, where the body consists of many paragraphs. Each paragraph has its own structure, ignoring transitions to create coherence and connection for the essay, we consider in the system of arguments including: theses, arguments, arguments.

In the structure of a paragraph, there are many ways to implement it as follows: Addition – division – unification, induction, deduction, parallelism, chain, antithesis, comparison, causal analysis, question and answer. For each different type of paragraph structure, the evidence will be placed in a different position.

Analysis breaks objects into elements to carefully examine their content, form, and internal and external relationships.

– Purpose: To clarify the characteristics of content, form, structure, and internal and external relations of objects (objects, phenomena).

– Request:

+ Identify analytical problems;

+ Divide the problem into small aspects;

+ Generalization, synthesis, analysis are always associated with synthesis. That is the essence of analytical manipulation in essays

– How to analyze:

+ The internal elements and means that make up the object and the relationship between them
+ Relations between objects and related objects: Cause – effect; Consequences

+ The attitude and judgment of the analyst towards the object being analyzed.

Evidence of Loss of Faith – Form 14

An example of unbelief will also explain the meaning and value of faith in a person’s life.

Live by faith in yourself, i.e. believe that hard work, study, and a serious lifestyle will pay off in real terms.

There is a story that says there were two seeds lying side by side in the garden. The first seed confidently reached out to receive the warm sunlight and grew into a healthy tree. The second seed was shy, raised his head, and was afraid that the strong wind and the sun would knock down his weak body. Then one day, a chicken came into the garden for food and pecked at the weak seed of the second tree.

What lesson can you learn from this story? For me personally, the lesson I learned was this: a lack of self-confidence can lead to life breakdown. Talking about the bad effects of a lack of self-confidence, the book “Dare to Succeed” once said: A person who loses faith in himself will definitely lose many other things.

First of all, we need to find out what it means for a person to lose faith in himself? Here self-belief is the courage to believe in yourself, believe in your own abilities, know your position and role in life relationships.

By expressing clearly, coherently, and philosophically, the ideas in the book Dare to Succeed have sent a meaningful message: when people lose faith in themselves, people will destroy many valuable things. This opinion highlights the unforeseen consequences of losing faith in oneself, and implicitly emphasizes the very meaningful role of self-confidence.

Why do we assume that a person who loses faith in himself must lose a lot of other things. Indeed, having lost faith in oneself, people will not be able to demonstrate their abilities, to fully use their potential and capacities. When people are not confident, people easily miss opportunities to assert themselves and achieve success.

When working, you don’t feel confident and you don’t have any opinions. People are easily shaken by public opinion, and they’re easy to fall into a state of digging in the middle of the road. In life, we want to be successful, we also have to work, but when people don’t believe in themselves, they won’t be able to convince others to believe in them. And when that person doesn’t believe in himself, this person is very skeptical of other people.

Thus, opportunities for cooperation are very difficult. Facing difficulties and challenges, when people are not confident, people are easily pessimistic, give up, easily give up, don’t have the energy to get up, don’t dare to face difficulties. Then the door of success will be closed, the path of failure will be welcomed.

Losing faith in yourself is very dangerous, but on the contrary, having faith in yourself is very necessary and has great meaning. Believing in oneself, people will boldly reveal themselves, from where hidden potential will be discovered. When people are self-confident, people will be free from a state of doubt, hesitation, confusion before public opinion and always take the initiative in all life situations.

Life is not easy, full of difficulties, challenges, bitterness, unhappiness. How can we overcome the challenging corners? Without faith, people will fall, on the contrary, believing in oneself people will have will, energy, overcome difficulties, reach the shores of success.

A person who loses faith in himself is doomed to lose many other things. That is a clear and timeless truth. However, in today’s life, not everyone is aware of it. Besides confident people, there’s no shortage of self-deprecating and shy people. All ways of living in a bag, hiding in a shell, drowning in anxiety, fear of failure and despair are worthy of criticism and rejection.

A person who loses faith in himself, he must have lost many other things is the right idea that teaches us a valuable lesson. Opinions help us understand that losing faith in yourself is a very dangerous and bad thing. Losing faith in yourself means failure. On the contrary, self-confidence is an invaluable asset, a boat that carries us to the shores of success. Therefore, we need to realize that we must always believe in ourselves even in the most dire situations.

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Evidence of Faith in a Short Life – Model 4

Refer to brief examples of faith in life to help students better prepare for exams in class.

To succeed in any occupation, apart from an element of talent and opportunity, confidence is necessary. Faith is a source of spiritual strength that helps people overcome all challenges to achieve their dreams. So what is faith? Belief in the existence of something, be it physical or mental.

For example, a person believes in his own abilities, so in everything he tries continuously, even if he fails, he doesn’t give up. When we have trust in other people, our life also becomes better and more meaningful. For example, when we receive someone’s help when we are in trouble, if we believe in their kindness and sincerity, we not only have more strength to get through difficult times, but also have good relationships.

Faith can help us do what seems impossible. Didn’t the famous scientist Edison have to go through more than 10,000 failures to succeed in inventing the light bulb? Without faith in himself, would Edison be persistent enough to carry out a thousand experiments? Or like the cause of national struggle and independence in Vietnam, without faith and solidarity, will such a small country win against formidable empires like France and the US?

Strong belief can help people do the most impossible things. So never lose your faith.

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Selective Believer Evidence – Form 10

Following are some examples of people with selective beliefs who provided students with richer writing suggestions.

Henry David Thoreau – American writer and poet once stated that: “Live your faith, and you can change the world”. Indeed, faith brings with it great power.

Confidence is self-awareness of one’s capacities, qualities and worth in life, knowing one’s position and role in life relationships… People who have faith in yourself You will know that you can do well whatever job is right for you . They also carry positive energy that influences those around them.

In everyday life, we have encountered many lessons about faith. It was the scientist Thomas Edison – who invented the first light bulb for mankind. With perseverance, not afraid of difficulties and believe in one’s own abilities. He overcame ten thousand failures to produce a single line of success when he found the material for the filament of his light bulb.

Right now, faith has helped the Vietnamese people in their battle to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic. The trust stems from the people’s confidence in the Party and State’s epidemic prevention measures. Public trust in doctors and nurses. And the optimistic belief that this epidemic will soon be eliminated… All have helped the people of Vietnam – a small country to win the pandemic that has confused the world’s major countries. It is the power of faith that helps people do unexpected things.

Xem ngay:  Japanese–Vietnamese Wikipedia

People who lose faith in themselves will become very scary. You will miss many good things in life. When you lose faith in yourself, you will become a person without the will and energy to go through life’s journey that has many hardships and difficulties.

People with disabilities, if they don’t have faith in themselves, will live meaningless lives. An unbeliever with a serious illness will also end his life soon. Anyone, in any profession, if they have faith in themselves, they will quickly achieve the desired success.

But it’s also important to distinguish self-confidence from arrogance. Believe in yourself, affirming your own worth is not arrogant, arrogant or haughty but looking down on the people around you. Respecting your place in life does not mean denying the competence of others. Believing in yourself does not mean at all costs to achieve what you want regardless of moral standards, regardless of what is right.

Any collective social management institution that wants to build trust needs to actively build and promote creativity. Every individual needs to know how to process and train himself not only in knowledge but also in skills. Especially the student generation, more and more students need to study hard, try to cultivate morals, immediately determine their own ideal life and self-confidence.

Indeed, just having faith can change the world – for the better. Always keep the fire of faith for yourself so that you can become a useful person for society.

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Evidence of Faith in Life – Lesson 4

Please refer to the article Proof of Life Beliefs that many readers like below.

One of the most necessary things to make anyone successful is self-confidence. Being confident is different from being proud of yourself or looking arrogant in front of other people. Confidence is realizing the values ​​and beauty of your best friend, from which you constantly strive to promote your strengths, are ready and comfortable to express yourself, and dedicate your own talents.

Confidence will make each person’s style, give confidence to others, confident people are often those who are aware of their abilities and dare to assert that ability, confidence will make them happy. in our journey, not only that, but also set an example for others.
One of the people I really admire about confidence is Miss Universe Hen Niê. As an Ede ethnicity, in his early days as host, Hen Nie received a lot of negative comments and prejudice with his tan skin, short hair, and thin body. In response to those disapproving looks, Hen Niê has always believed in himself, worked hard and devoted himself.

She worked hard to listen to and learn from everyone’s comments and even criticism to improve herself, from an ethnic girl who couldn’t speak Kinh fluently, to working as a maid in a house in Hen Niê city confidently stepped into her own peak. She has always been proud to be of Ede ethnicity and has a healthy beauty that is rare for any woman.

As a celebrity, Hen Niê has not lost her simplicity and liberal lifestyle. Recently, she has achieved very good results when she entered the top 5 of Miss Universe. All prejudices about Hen Niê must be changed, he has shown how confident and brave he is, Hen Niê’s success is a proud achievement for him and for Vietnam in general. The affirmation of his dignity was something few in that situation could do.

Introducing a collection of Writing Paragraphs About Beliefs ❤️️ 15 Best Essay Examples

Evidence of Faith and Hope – Template 8

Read evidence of faith and hope with meaningful messages that leave many impressions and thoughts for the reader.

Someone once said, “Turn your head towards the sun and a shadow will fall behind you”. Faith and hope for every human being are like the sun that shines, helping us overcome all difficulties in life.

First of all, trust and hope are concepts that belong to the human soul. It is self-awareness of one’s capacities, qualities and worth in life, knowing how to evaluate one’s position and role in life’s relationships… People of faith are often missing. face all the difficulties in life, instead of rushing to say they can’t, they will believe they can.

A 12th grade student is about to enter the university entrance exam, when he has faith in himself, he will try his hardest to overcome all difficulties to achieve his dream. A businessman, when he has the belief that he will create a good product and build trust with his customers, the result they will get is ever-increasing profits…

In life, there are many precious examples of the power of faith and hope. We cannot fail to mention a person who should be admired and respected by the entire Vietnamese nation. President Ho Chi Minh at that time was still young with love for the motherland and revolutionary spirit in his heart.

He set out to find a way to save the country with a deep belief that he would find the right path for the nation. And in thirty years of traveling abroad, despite many hardships, Uncle Ho always believed that he was on the right path. Later, when he met the light of Marxist-Leninist ideals and found a way to save the country, that’s when all his efforts paid off. Then you can see how great the power of faith is.

Today’s young generation, there are many people who seem to have lost their faith and hope in life. They don’t know what their purpose in life is. They fear getting into trouble because they don’t believe they can overcome the challenges ahead. Or many young people, because life is too full and surrounded since childhood, so when faced with life’s challenges, they can’t live on their own, don’t dare to live, leading to collapse. , give up on life .

In the era of world integration, with the development of science and technology, if you don’t have the confidence to move forward, develop yourself to become a citizen of the world. Surely we will be the losers, backwards and even have to accept ridicule and humiliation from the people around us.

So what do people need to do to build confidence and hope in themselves? Every individual should always learn to increase knowledge, cultivate ethics and skills. Immediately form an optimistic spirit, not afraid to face difficulties and challenges. Moreover, for every student – the future owner of the country, what is even more important is to have faith in oneself.

It can be seen that belief plays a very important role in everyone’s life. Build an optimistic spirit, a passionate heart and a firm belief to be able to step towards success.

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Arguments for Beliefs – Lesson 1

Evidence of Belief Argument, please refer to the following good article introduced!

Confidence is believing in one’s own abilities, being proactive in every job, daring to decide and acting with certainty, without panic and recklessness. A confident person is also a person who acts decisively and dares to think. Confident people are independent in thinking and acting, not afraid of any difficulties.

Always feeling dynamic, unwavering in facing any challenges, confident people always have an abundant source of vitality in their bodies so that when they work they also become very enthusiastic, passionate, brave, independent, and assertive. Hence, they always won the hearts of everyone around them. In front of others, they were people who were worthy of admiration and respect. They were courageous leaders.

There are examples in society, for example, Bill Gate who was confident, brave, courageous, dared to self-determine and went beyond others, gave up his seat in the university lecture hall to be born. as a result became the richest man on the planet. Or the Vietnamese gold girl at the Seagame congress, if you are not confident and strong, can you beat other competitors in the region and become a champion?

People who lack self-confidence or can also be said to be self-deprecating people, they don’t believe in their own abilities, don’t dare to do it because they are afraid of being ridiculed by others, they are afraid of being wrong, they are afraid of losing face, so they try to close themselves in a veil of calm, hide a lack of self-confidence that leads to painful results (for example, when students enter the entrance exam halls of colleges and universities, if they keep shaking, they think they can’t do it. . If they can do anything, they will lose heart, leading to an unsatisfactory result, obviously not because they don’t have the courage but because they don’t believe they can do it, etc.)

To gain self-confidence, one must first have the courage to face the truth, see one’s own strengths and weaknesses, and then try to promote one’s strengths and limit one’s shortcomings. to those around them to gradually assert themselves, they will gradually establish a foothold with everyone and be looked at with eyes full of respect by everyone, admiration, from which they will find themselves again, find confidence and energy .

Overconfidence will lead to arrogance, always looking down on things, belittling others, always thinking of oneself as the best, being… shunned by people and afraid of having relationships, then that also means they have created themselves. screen against the outside world.

Self-confidence is a quality that everyone needs, a person is truly mature and successful when they have enough self-confidence and do not go beyond it. As students, the younger generation, the nation’s next generation, each of us must recognize our role in society, determine the future correctly and always cultivate the will and energy to build self-confidence, so that one day we can become useful people. to society.

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Proof of Person Without Trust – Form 15

Here are examples of non-believers that will help your writing become more alive and insightful.

Even if your life is difficult, I ask you to never lose hope. Hope is belief and optimism about a good future for yourself. It is faith and optimism that will give us a lot of strength to overcome difficult and harsh realities.

When we lose faith, we lose hope of a good future for ourselves. That’s when we lose all our strength and energy to live, to rise in life. A wise and good leader must build trust and hope in his employees for the future.

There is a very good saying about this: “The light is always at the end of the tunnel!” Even if your reality has been colored black. I also ask you to never lose hope in your heart. Be brave, then set the right direction for yourself to overcome that dark reality. Then the sun will appear. A beautiful life is waiting for you ahead. Because no tunnel will last forever. From sadness to happiness, that is the eternal law of mankind.

When we have self-control, we have faith in the future, then we will take appropriate actions to realize our good wishes. If your life is filled with difficulties and dangers. You sit quietly and cry, but ask God for help, how can you get out of such a situation? But if you always hope that good things will come to you in the coming days.

Your good dream will soon come true. Then your current predicament will be very small. Your body will be full of energy, it will help you overcome all the difficulties ahead, and you will have a much better future.

A circus performer walking on a tightrope will fall “turning his neck” if he loses confidence. A child will never learn to ride a bicycle if he never believes he can ride one. A student will never succeed in school if he always thinks that he is not as capable as his peers. A Napoleon will always be a soldier if he never believes he can be a general, then an emperor…

The power of hope is so great, my friend. Please never lose hope in life!

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Essay on Vibrant Confidence – Lesson 8

Essay on Self Confidence Expressed clearly through each sentence, using honest and creative words.

To be successful in life, we need to have faith. Public trust is like a driving force that helps us move forward. Without trust, everything is meaningless. Simply put, self-confidence is believing in your own abilities and taking the initiative in everything. Confident people are those who dare to decide for themselves and act decisively, without panic, and act decisively.

Everyone needs to have self-confidence because when we are confident, we dare to act. Confidence is the source of strength for mind and body, helping us believe in ourselves, work and life, take decisive action to get things done, build a good life.

For example, in our daily work, which we are still doing, we must be bolder and more confident in our thinking, in our own capacity, in creating societies that do not have and need, and contribute to general development. public. Or as in learning, students must be brave in solving difficult problems given by the teacher to solve, voluntarily, confidently go to the blackboard, make speeches to build lessons with the teacher, … All these actions show self-confidence.

However, in life, there are also many people who lack self-confidence, giving rise to feelings of inferiority. Their expression when doing something is fear, fear of not doing their best for fear of other people’s comments, evaluation, fear of failure. We need to criticize and condemn people like that to educate and hinder others from living a better life with the right way of life.

What we need is to stay optimistic, believe in ourselves and keep working with the goal of building a better life that will help us worry no more, fear nothing. It is belief that unleashes willpower, leading us to success. Optimism is the belief that leads to achievement. Without hope and faith, nothing can be done.

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Essay on Confidence Score 10 – Lesson 10

Essay on Self-Confidence Score 10 leaves a lot of impression on the reader with its lively and creative use of words.

It can be said that among countless human virtues, self-confidence is always a necessary virtue when we want to succeed in life. Simply put, self-confidence is believing in your own abilities and taking the initiative in everything. Confident people are those who dare to decide for themselves and act decisively, without panic, and act decisively.

Or also a belief that will give us a lot of strength to overcome difficult and harsh realities. The story of the strong female singer Thai Bao Tram is a great example. It is a story about the will to overcome your own obstacles. In Voice 2015, from a 19 year old girl with a big fat body, broken voice suddenly returned in 2017 with a weight loss of up to 20 pounds with a voice that touched everyone’s heart, as if the eyes were dropping. focused on the girl.

He really shines. And as a student, confidence is simply your willingness to volunteer to speak up, offer constructive ideas, or boldly offer a class problem-solving plan, assigned by the teacher… so you feel more eager to learn than ever. That is, self-confidence is a strong motivation and achieving your goals the way you want.

In short, confidence in life is the most meaningful and valuable gift that you will choose to have or not. So perfect yourself confidently, practice those virtues step by step on the path to fulfilling your dream.

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Social Discourse Evidence of Distinctive Beliefs – Model 5

Below are examples of social discourse about unique beliefs that students can refer to and apply flexibly in their writing.

One cannot live without faith in anything. Faith also has its own magical power, especially self-confidence. Therefore, there is an opinion that: “A person who loses faith in himself will certainly lose many other valuable things” (According to the book “Dare to success” – multiple authors, Young Publishing House , 2008, p. 90).

In terms of direct content, the above quote speaks of the consequences of losing faith in yourself. Confidence is a noun that has the opposite meaning of doubt, even complete disappointment, not believing in anything, not even in oneself.

Confidence is not doubting yourself. Confident people always affirm their abilities and qualities, see them as a source of decisive strength, helping people to be stable, optimistic and successful in life. For thirty long years of hardship there was a war of resistance against France and America. If the Vietnamese didn’t have faith, would we be as independent as we are today?

Father and son John Roebling and Washington decided to build the Brooklyn Bridge connecting the two cities of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Work has just started when an unexpected accident occurs. John died and Washington was permanently bedridden. Washington can only talk to people with one movable finger.

But with firm conviction, for 13 years, Washington used his only movable finger to design, direct and eventually complete the construction of the majestic Brooklyn Bridge that it is today.

“The fastest woman on the planet”, three-time 1960 Olympic gold medalist Marilyn King, was seriously injured before participating in the Olympics. But thanks to her confidence and always believing that she can recover and be able to participate fully in the Olympics, she really returned to the track and succeeded beyond everyone’s imagination.

Through this, we can see that faith in life and faith is always an intrinsic virtue in everyone’s life. That virtue helps us forever to love life, to love people, to forever hope for that which is more beautiful. Self-belief is the most important of all beliefs. The cornerstone of real and sustainable success is that you can only rely on yourself and you can rely on nothing but yourself.

When we have faith, we can dare to think, dare to act, dare to face all the difficulties and challenges of life. Thanks to that, we can succeed or at least we can learn from our failures. As people say, “Failure is the mother of success”. Every failure that is planted in the fertile soil of faith is a good opportunity to think, our actions have a chance to cry, mothers will not breastfeed.

The saying goes: “If you don’t knock, the door won’t open”; “You don’t go, you know where the road is”. Similarly, if you are not confident in thinking and acting, how will your life opportunities open up! But even if the opportunity comes, but because you don’t have the confidence to take it, that rare opportunity will soon slip out of your hands, leaving you alone for a lifetime on the road without light. Therefore, I would like to emphasize once again that: Faith and especially faith are very valuable virtues for every human being.

The opposite of confidence, with confidence is low self-esteem, is mistrust. At that time, people no longer believed in their own abilities and qualities. Because of this, people will also lose the basic and necessary conditions to help them achieve valuable values: energy and will, hope and optimism… Losing faith, especially self-confidence, children People who are no longer able to face adversity and challenges should easily give up and lose opportunities in life.

Of course, beliefs also need to have a basis. It is fact-based, rooted in reality. If people only believe in fantasy, it’s not true. If people just believe without thinking, learning and acting to fulfill that belief, that is just blind faith. And that belief will lead people astray, lost throughout life.

So, how to have true faith, have true belief? I think the first thing we need to practice is to keep learning, listening, working together, developing our qualities, and developing our abilities. These things will help us understand what blind faith is, what real faith is.

As already mentioned, life is full of challenges and difficulties. In times like these, we must always uphold our courage, never to lose faith. At this point, I remember, someone said: “If you lose money, you can get it back, but if you lose faith, you lose everything”.

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Proof of Typical Belief – Form 6

Typical proof of conviction will make your writing more lively and persuasive.

Steve Jobs is an American entrepreneur and inventor. He is the most influential person in the computer industry with Apple. There is a quote from him that I really like: “Sometimes life is going to throw a brick at you. Do not lose faith”. The power of faith has been affirmed by many people and many generations. Faith will bring people from the abyss of darkness forward, can save them from falling and rise. Faith brings supernatural power that humans always need.

Indeed, faith is very strong. It is emotion in the human will. It is associated with a burning hope in the soul. Confidence is like motivation to help people overcome difficulties and challenges in life. And to overcome it, self-confidence is always very necessary. Self-confidence is awareness of one’s own abilities, qualities and values, as well as an assessment of one’s position and role in life.

Belief in yourself is very important. Because it’s not just an ordinary emotion. This is also a great human motivation. You must have heard the saying, “If you lose faith, you lose everything”. Why is that? Because first, you will be the one who knows you best. You will know your own thoughts, strengths and weaknesses. You will be the only one who knows exactly what you need, what you dream of, what you hope for in life.

If you lose faith, you will no longer care about these things. You will no longer have the will and energy to continue on the path you have chosen. If you lose your faith, you will no longer know what your purpose in life is, so you become careless, and the results are unpredictable. Without faith, life is loose, anytime you can fall and lose yourself.

Since then, your human values ​​have gradually disappeared. You have broken away from the circle of society. An ever-evolving society requires you to grow too or you won’t be able to sustain it. But the sad reality is that nowadays, most young people are not aware of it.

When facing life’s storms and challenges, it’s easy for them to fall and lose their faith. Some because of bad life experiences, when they clash with this cruel society, they don’t dare, and often fail, causing their faith to gradually fade away. Others are too self-conscious. Because people’s needs are getting higher with the trend of integration, they are aware of these needs. They doubted their own potential.

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Low self-esteem causes disorientation, but many people take advantage of that mentality to manipulate and deceive. The advice for us is to study and practice well, learn the necessary life skills to find out and discover our hidden strengths. From there advancing, cultivating faith, realizing dreams in life. But that doesn’t mean that only low self-esteem can lose trust. Pride can also lead to false beliefs.

In contrast to low self-esteem, pride will cause beliefs to overreach their own limits to the point of becoming unrealistic. Pride makes a person believe in the impossible. For example, a person who has no knowledge of securities, but is arrogant, thinks he knows everything and rushes to the trading floor, day and night, believing that he will be rich tomorrow. But those who lose keep chasing but still don’t accept reality, keep embracing dreams and keep investing. In the end, it was too late to stop.

Beliefs can be effective, have good results, but they can also have unwanted, traumatic consequences. It is important for you to know who you are, where you are, and how to cultivate trust in your sphere. Only in this way will the new faith play its proper role. Build confidence in yourself with how it works.

Keep learning and practicing without stopping. Let’s wake up dreams, ambitions, life goals and fight to achieve them. Believe in yourself with what you have and what you will have. Don’t wallow in confidence in self-doubt. No one is inferior. You are inferior only when you consider yourself inferior. You can bow your head to others today, but don’t let your head not be lifted up in the future.

I will tell you a story about faith. A village has been in drought for a long time, many people in the village can’t wait to leave the village. One day the head of the village decided to erect an altar to pray for rain and told people to bring their most trusted object to pray for rain. Nobody told anyone that they all brought the most valuable thing in the house to sacrifice. And suddenly the rain came, the rain that made everyone happy.

At this time, they returned to arguing over whose item brought good luck to the village. Then suddenly a baby came out and said to his mother: “Mom, I knew it was going to rain, so I brought an umbrella so we wouldn’t get wet”. Today, everyone knows that it is the baby’s faith that is most valuable. A simple but meaningful story about faith that everyone should learn.

Trust is the most valuable thing you have. Along with health, confidence will take you to the heights you dream of. Instill faith and practice it well so that faith can help you overcome difficulties and obstacles in life, help you achieve your own dreams and ambitions.

Don’t lose faith just for an unworthy reason. Because when you lose trust, you not only lose it, but you also lose many other valuable things. Be more energetic in life and develop your own beliefs.

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Best Evidence of Confidence – Model 2

Using the best evidence of belief will make social discourse more vibrant and unique.

In his youth, Picasso was an unknown painter in town. He roamed the streets and when there were only five silver coins left in his pocket, he decided to take one last “gamble”. Picasso hired students to go into an art shop and ask: “Do you sell Picasso’s paintings here?”. In less than a month, his name became famous in Paris and other countries.

Thus, he has become a shining example for us of the lesson: giving oneself a chance, belief in success is also the most important thing for people to realize their dreams with effort, luck and success. And through it, we see that faith is the greatest force that is courageous enough to lead man to a victorious goal in life!

First of all, we have to understand what is trust? It is hope, belief in our abilities, wisdom, and quality of life. Not only that, it is also a measure of the value, nature and position and role of each person in all relationships. And more importantly, trust is the foundation, a stepping stone for you, me and all of us to go to success! Because: “A small amount of determination fueled by an unwavering belief in one’s mission can change the course of history” (Mahatma Gandhi).

Why do we need to have faith? This question is difficult to answer, but we can be sure: life is not perfect! Because God is so just, he can give someone’s hand that hovers over the keys, but he can also take an ear to hear all the lowly voices of life. She can like someone with sparkling eyes who seem capable of “killing” many hearts to her interlocutors but can also rob her of her deep voice. He could give someone a warm, bright smile that embraced so many people’s souls, but it could also shock them to their lives.

Life is always round with scratches and holes like that! But believe that faith is the most precious patch that can heal the scratch for you, the kindest hand that can heal the wound in your heart, and trust is the opportunity, the most precious medicine, the best price for you to have more strength. run to success and assert yourself.

Indeed, faith will be the door that opens the way for us to enter a seemingly impossible magical world. As Nick Vujicic explained to us. Even though he didn’t have as many limbs as people, he carried extraordinary things that no one was sure would dare to do.

As a carrier of immense strength and will to live, Nick Vujicic has become an example for everyone not only for his strong will to overcome all difficulties and challenges of life but also a lesson learned. .

Because: “Whatever challenges you face, no matter how hard and hard they are, I hope you believe and feel the same way about your own life” (Nick Vujicic). Nick Vujicic did it, how about you?

Yes, faith not only helps people succeed, but also helps people love life more, hoping for the good things that the universe has. Therefore, faith has ignited a source of light to illuminate the way to create a successful Bill Gates, the great Walt Disney for mankind in the leading animation field, creating a person who When it comes to people, people only know how. admire, respect and love wholeheartedly.

However, at the same time, there are still many negative images in this society that affect one generation. These are people who have just been threatened by adversity and quickly collapse and give up, who live in such luxury that they are unable to be independent and find their own opinion in life.

Or more simply, they are people with low self-esteem, forgetting their own abilities and from there they will become shy, cowardly people, deprived of the opportunities to shine that they have fully to be able to achieve success. Ask: what would life be like if they were kept in such darkness?

Therefore, from now on let us choose the right direction for ourselves and put our faith in the right place. Because, after all, faith is a must for everyone but it also has to go in a positive direction “It’s useless to keep saying: believe but don’t think, as you said: sleep but don’t think twice. don’t wake up” (Lorn Byron).

At the same time, we need to spread messages and appeals to everyone about the importance of faith in life with well-known and commendable examples (Thomas Edison, Huyen Chip, …). And lastly, it is impossible to ignore actions, critical attitudes, and accusations of wrongdoing so that this society can move forward.

I myself will act, will do and do the same. In studying, I will try to practice morals, good manners, learning must go hand in hand with action, dare to think, dare to act, confident in communication. In life, I will continue to feel, change myself and fulfill my dreams so that my faith will become a pen that paints a perfect and colorful picture of life.

In short, faith in life is the most meaningful and precious gift we have received from God. Thus, we realize that: trust will be the most expensive lens to help people understand the attractiveness of life.

Pray that you will be calm enough to understand that faith is a drop of water that can refresh your soul when you stumble. Pray that you will have the courage to know that faith is the best way for you to make your dreams come true. And pray that you will have the confidence to realize that faith is a friend that follows us throughout our lives!

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Evidence for Social Arguments About Beliefs – Lesson 5

Quoting Social Discourse on Self-Deprecation, this is one of the most interesting and interesting writing topics on exam papers.

“A year begins in spring
Human life begins with youth

Youth is when people are most enthusiastic and full of life. Whether life has meaning or not is written by young people. And the success or failure of youth really depends on the self-confidence of each person. Faith doesn’t do everything, but it will be the source of life for all, learning, fame, career, and even love.

We hear a lot about the virtue of self-confidence; confident, but do we ever fully understand its deep meaning? Confidence is belief in your own abilities; dare to do what you want; Dare to say what I think and dare to show everyone what I’m capable of, prove that I, I can do it.

In life, self-confidence is manifested in many dimensions. In learning, self-confidence is initiative, not hiding ignorance, but studying hard from teachers and friends; Ask people to point out your weaknesses. In self-confident work, namely daring to stand up and express opinions, think for themselves, express views frankly; and harshly criticized; Evaluation.

In terms of feelings, confidence is when you dare to express your thoughts and feelings to others, and pats on the shoulder that you will fulfill your obligations and responsibilities as a lover, worthy of being a firm shoulder for you man. The multifaceted rubies of life reflect the multifaceted expression of faith. Depending on different situations, the ways of expressing confidence are also different and more flexible.

Confidence is an important virtue of every individual. Why? Because without self-confidence, humans will not be able to do anything. Knowledge has, skills are not exposed, who knows, but to promote and support. Confidence makes everyone more active; aware of their own strengths and weaknesses; at the same time increasing creativity; Dare and work independently.

From there, you will gradually improve your personality and knowledge. In addition, self-confidence is manifested, forging the will and determination to achieve personal goals and aspirations. Faith trains us to be proactive, ready to integrate into the changing modern world.

In life, belief plays a big role in success; each person’s goals. When we go to recruitment, if we are constantly indecisive, timid, even if we hold a good title, employers will not hesitate to let us down. Beliefs are our way of proving to everyone how and where we can do it, thereby confirming our own position.

Faith creates an environment of community, openness, mutual assistance between people, from which it is also easier to work and connect with each other. From a macro perspective, self-confidence is a drop of fresh water that incubates innovative and advanced inventions to serve social life. Confidence is a stepping stone to a bright aura.

In today’s life, there are many shining examples of self-confidence. That’s Australian Nick Vujicic. Even though he is disabled and has lost both of his legs, he still confidently travels the world, stands on stage and inspires many people. He confidently talks about what he has been through, what he has done to overcome and his own thoughts to people, especially the younger generation.

And not far away, there is the glass bone girl Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh who causes Vietnam’s stage fright to get talent every year. Her bright and energetic smile and fiery voice “Let’s dance” lit up the stage and melted the hearts of thousands of spectators. That’s just one of many examples of amazing self-confidence. They can, so what rights do we have that we can’t?

Confidence is a good virtue, but there are many negative manifestations that are the opposite of self-confidence. That is a cowardly, weak, feeble, hanging way of life; always waiting for others to create and copy; receptive; when facing difficulties, they worry, fear or see bad things and complaints but do not dare to speak; Even if you know, keep it to yourself.

Confidence is good but maintain the right amount of confidence at the right time. Don’t be so confident that you become arrogant; conservative, coercive and oppressive; I don’t consider anyone as good as the frog sitting in the Little Well, but I think the world is just as small.

So what should each of us do to practice and cultivate more confidence? First we have to feel, very enthusiastic about what we do. Because only when we like people do we do our best to do so. Second, train yourself to be proactive and ready in all situations. Plans, implementation methods, and all necessary contingencies must be orientated in advance. Knowing the route we can act with confidence.

Life is not flat, it is not always successful, it is also beautiful. One must know how to accept failure, know how to overcome thorns and challenges, and get up and move on. The knowledge that each of us has is just like a small grain of sand in a vast desert, so don’t hesitate to learn, always have a positive attitude to accumulate the necessary living capital.

From a family standpoint, from an early age, parents can create conditions for their children to attend skill courses that are appropriate to their child’s age and passion so that they can increase their self-confidence from various ages to the best development. The school also organizes many workshops; sharing sessions for students to have an environment to learn and practice more necessary skills.

The primacy of self-confidence has a large influence and role on work performance. Whether simple or complex, whether learning; Living or working also requires self-confidence. Never say I can’t do it, I don’t know but say: “I can do it; I’ll try to do it; I made it like this and it worked. Belief is the same, nothing is impossible, what matters is whether we really want it or not.

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Some Evidence of Belief – Example 1

Some examples of beliefs selected and shared below will serve as useful references for students.

Why can one person achieve so much success in life? Why do some people achieve extraordinary results that exceed their expectations? Is it because they are more talented, sensitive, and capable than others, or because they are better conditioned than others? One thing I can say for sure is that this is definitely not the case.

There is an example to show for you to understand. Do you know the Wright brothers? They are the inventors of the world’s first aircraft. Were they more mechanically and aerodynamically intelligent than all of their contemporaries? The answer is no, they are just normal bike repairmen.

So what makes them so extraordinary? It can only be faith! Remember that not from the first time they succeeded, but to get a real result they went through countless failures. And only when they have faith can they continue their work.

I’ve heard someone say that “Life is too short, so live meaningfully”, I also like Nguyen Cong Tru’s quote “Having a reputation lives in heaven/earth/Must have a name”. with mountains and rivers” as Che Lan Vien’s poem “We sleep in a narrow bed/My dream destroys my life”.

Also since understanding the meaning of this sentence, I have built up faith, unceasing effort and up until now, I have originally achieved the goal I set before. , but it still wasn’t enough and I knew that I needed to try more to be successful in this life.

And success often starts with faith, a strong belief in yourself, a hidden power within us. Always maintain a positive attitude, be optimistic and believe in your personal decisions and think “I will change this life, I will”. That belief will determine each of us. Try asking if we don’t believe in ourselves, who can believe in us, if we don’t believe we will succeed, who will believe that we will succeed?

In the history of the nation, when the invader Nguyen Mong was about to invade our country with unprecedented power, King Tran had to convene the Dien Hong conference. With firm belief in the strength of our nation, army and people, we defeated the invasion three times, and with that firm belief, Quang Trung withdrew his troops from Phu Xuan to the north and defeated Thanh’s twenty thousand troops. for soldiers to celebrate Tet on the 3rd day at Thang Long.

And also thanks to that belief, our army and people defeated two imperialist wars with France and the US – the two strongest powers in the world at that time to regain independence and freedom for the nation. It is the strong belief in victory that contributes to realizing all the extraordinary potential of the nation’s strength and creativity. And today, that same belief will help the Vietnamese people overcome the threat of territorial invasion and invasion of foreign sovereignty.

Or we can also see the beliefs of successful people like:

Bill Gate – the chairman of Microsoft Corporation left his studies at the famous Harvard University in the US to pursue his dream. Henry Ford – the father of the famous Ford automobile company did not graduate from any school and was unable to get a job because he did not have a degree. Honda – the founder of Honda failed no less than fifty times and was once a proletarian, homeless. Nick Vujicic – a man without legs, without arms, he made the whole world know him with his incredible energy.

Or closer to it in our country Vietnam:

Mr. Doan Nguyen Duc (Duc elector) – Chairman of the Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group also comes from a carpenter with his small workshop. Tuan Dang Le Nguyen Vu – chairman of the famous Trung Nguyen coffee brand also comes from a poor farming family, the whole family survives only on the coffee farm.

No matter how hard life is with turmoil and worries, faith is still an indispensable thing in each of us, especially for those who want to change and aspire to success.

“A tree that grows easily does not produce good wood,
The stronger the wind, the stronger the tree.”

(J.Willard Marriott)

Let’s start with high hopes. Don’t just hope, believe me, you will succeed!

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Evidence of Person of Meaningful Belief – Form 11

The example of someone with meaningful belief will be a profound example and lesson to show the role of faith in life.

Anatole France – French poet, journalist, novelist, winner of the 1921 Nobel Prize in Literature once said: “To do great things, we must not only act but also dream, no you must plan, but you must also have faith.”

Trust is a factor that plays a very big role and position in everyone’s life, losing money can still be found, but losing trust means losing everything. That’s right! and one of the famous quotes about faith, we cannot fail to mention: “A person who loses faith in himself will certainly lose many other valuable things” (Book of the Brave) success).

So what does faith mean for everyone in life? Self-confidence: This is belief in yourself, in your abilities, intelligence, qualities and value in life. I also understand myself and evaluate my position and role in life relationships.

The saying “A person who loses faith in himself will certainly lose many other valuable things” is a reminder for each of us to have faith in ourselves. It is also the courage, the quality, the ability of every person, the cornerstone of the love of life and every success. When we lose faith, we lose everything.

So, why would losing faith in yourself lose so many other valuable things? Because confidence is the most important of all beliefs. It not only brings faith to love life, love people, hope for good things, but also becomes the foundation of all success. To achieve that, people must know to rely on themselves, not on others, goals are only a condition of influence and support, not a determining factor of success.

Reality has proven that if people lose faith or don’t believe in their own abilities, people won’t have the will and energy to get up and of course: “Lack of confidence is the cause of most failures.” (Bovee). A confident person always exudes great strength, his confidence makes those around him feel safe and confident. In all things, someone who has faith always makes it easy to get through anything.

In a colorful life, there is no road paved with roses, no path is completely smooth. You will have a hard time, a little or a lot. Obstacles and thorns will come anytime we don’t know. Therefore, if we do not believe in our own abilities and qualities, we cannot overcome these difficulties. It would make people fall instantly.

Believing in yourself will help people turn into effort. So, once we lose faith in ourselves, we have low self-esteem, thinking that we can’t do it, then surely we won’t be able to do anything. If people don’t have the will, energy, and belief in themselves, they won’t be brave enough to overcome, can’t assert themselves, lose self-control, gradually give up, and lead to losing themselves.

When you lose yourself, you lose everything, including precious things like: love, happiness, opportunities… even your life. Therefore, one who knows to believe in life, believes in his own strength and ability, knows how to accept challenges to overcome, will surely reach the shores of success and happiness.

Reality has proven that in life, many people are less fortunate, they have to go through many difficulties, challenges and unhappiness. But the harder it was, the stronger their courage became. They believe in their own will, energy and abilities and they have overcome and won everything. That is the example of teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ki. The disease left Nguyen Ngoc Ki paralyzed in both hands. He and his family are very sad and sorry.

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However, Nguyen Ngoc Ky still dreams of going to school like his friends. Because of her belief in herself, she turned her feet into magic hands and became a shining example of hard work for all of us. If, he didn’t have faith in himself, he wouldn’t have achieved so many great accomplishments.

On the other hand, in life, there are also new people who stumble and fail for the first time but can’t control themselves, don’t believe that they can get up, which leads to failure. We can easily catch a student failing an exam because of shyness, fear. Or people who are not confident when working, do not have their own opinion, but have to follow the advice of many others, leading to the situation of “plowing in the middle of the road”, “a lot of rotten teachers”. .

Trust is an important factor. However, don’t be overconfident in yourself leading to subjectivity, don’t be overconfident but step to the limit of arrogance, pride will fail. Confidence, humility and prudence are valuable human virtues. It brings people to the beach of success and appreciation by everyone.

As students, we must try to learn and practice good manners. Learning must go hand in hand with action, dare to think, dare to do, be confident, love life, love life. Must know to stay away from social evil, must always control oneself.

In a word, living in this world, everyone must keep the faith for himself. Turn that belief into a torch that illuminates and guides us. And surely, people of faith, willpower, and energy will be victorious in the race for life.

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Features and requirements when writing social argumentative essays

How to write a 200 word social argumentative paragraph Students need to state their arguments, arguments and arguments clearly. The detailed requirements are as follows:

Before starting to write, students need to understand the characteristics and requirements of social argumentative essays.

– About the argument:

+ Thoughts, views, opinions, etc. presented in the article is aimed at solving problems related to real life.

+ Needs to be expressed in a clear, consistent and specific way.

Regarding arguments (arguments, evidence):

+ Authentic, typical, clear and taken from real life.

+ Requires flexibility in the perception of the author’s problem.

Express the opinion and personal views of the author.

– About the argument:

+ Must be clear, reasonable, in accordance with the layout unity of each type of social discourse.

Evidence of Faith and Ethics – Form 7

See the following examples of beliefs and ethics for more good ideas when testing.

“The belief that victory will lead us to the shores of happiness. Belief in victory connects the heart to love everyone”, this is a very meaningful line in the song “Trust to win” by musician Le Quang. Yes, when there is faith, people gain not only success but also joy and happiness. It can be said that faith is the greatest spiritual force that helps people overcome all difficulties to make their dreams and plans come true.

Trust is a feeling of trust, confidence in something in yourself or someone else. Faith is like a shining light that takes them out of the darkness of fear and failure into the light of success and happiness. When we have faith, we will be optimistic in all circumstances, always see good things in the future. Confidence helps people to awaken all potential abilities and potentials, through which people have a correct perception of their own worth.

Without faith, people can do nothing, lose not only successes, dreams, but also lose themselves, because “a person who has lost faith in himself will certainly lose much more.” other things of value.” But it is also necessary to distinguish between believing and being arrogant, believing in oneself does not mean believing, promoting oneself blindly, being extreme, always believing oneself to be right but ignoring the thoughts and opinions of others.

Faith not only needs to be ignited in the soul of each person but also needs to be entrusted to others. Faith helps connect people with others, not only creating good relationships but also forming a great source of spiritual strength. During the years of the war of resistance, thanks to the absolute faith in the Party and Uncle Ho, our people have overcome many storms of history together to create a famous victory on five continents, shaking the world.

Living without faith makes us cynical, emotionless and living in insecurity and anxiety. Let’s incubate faith with clear reasoning and positive optimism. And you also remember that “Sometimes life will throw a brick at you. But never lose faith.

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Evidence of a Person Who Has Life Belief – Template 9

Evidence of people who have faith in life will be one of the indispensable content for students to complete their writing.

When I was a child, I often believed in the magic of fairy tales to help people overcome adversity and get what they want. Until now, even though I’m an adult, I always believe like that, it’s just that the miracle is not far away, but right in this life, namely the power of faith.

If we say that strength is a source of energy for us to conquer goals. Trust is simply the human feeling of belief in something. In short, the power of belief is the energy in our belief that our desires will be accomplished. Life is not always everything goes smoothly, so humans have to keep the faith so they don’t get discouraged, in order to succeed.

The strength of belief is shown by optimism, looking to the future, moreover we don’t see difficulties as obstacles but see them as motivation to help ourselves in every game. The story of Thai Bao Tram is about the lights twinkling in a room filled with the light of faith. The Voice 2015, a 19 year old girl with a big fat body and broken voice. Musical passions sometimes fade away, retreating into the darkness, but no, Bao Tram doesn’t give up so easily.

The power of faith led him to rise, to be by his side for a long time in determination. The Voice 2017, he came back after losing 20 pounds, his voice soared, touched everyone’s heart, Tram walked confidently on stage to the awe of the audience and judges, all eyes were on that person. That is, faith is a powerful driving force that carries people through adversity and to the pinnacle of glory.

However, faith needs to be realistic with our own abilities, because sometimes we also fail because of our blind faith. Everyone needs to have faith in themselves, starting from building dreams, believing that they can. There are things that we always long for, there are obstacles that we don’t want to face, remember the miracle called the power of faith, which is the wings that God gives to the worthy, lifts us to the horizon of dreams, leaving all difficulties behind.

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Recent proof of social argument- Form 1

Evidence of the Will to Live:

– Famous speaker Nick was born without two arms and two legs, but he overcame the obstacle of illness, graduated from a finance university at the age of 21, became a famous speaker and inspired 3 million people in the world. He is famous for his motto “Life without limits”.

– Information Technology Knight Nguyen Cong Hung: With a body of only about 20 kg, but with extraordinary intelligence and will to live, in 2003 Cong Hung opened a computer center for scene disabled people like me.

Cong Hung Center has helped many people with disabilities in Nghe An get rid of their guilt, opening up job opportunities and a brighter future for them. In 2006, he was selected by the Central Youth Union as one of the country’s 10 typical young faces, called the “Information Technology Knight”.

Evidence of Self Belief – Form 13

Evidence of confidence will help students improve their writing and achieve high results.

Steven Jobs – former CEO of tech giant Apple – said a line I really love: “Sometimes life will throw a brick at you. But never lose faith.” So, how can the belief mentioned in the sentence above be understood?It is a mental state present in everyone’s consciousness, often associated with positive emotions, dreams and aspirations for the future.

In all our lives, beliefs play a very important role. Because in life, things don’t always go well, everyone sometimes stumbles or fails miserably. In that situation, if you lose your faith, there will be no source of strength that can lift you up and continue on the path you have chosen.

Imagine, in those days of wandering in foreign lands, lacking confidence in the nation’s brighter future, would Uncle Ho be able to find a way to revolutionize the proletariat and use it to solve the problem of launching our country or not? However, the sad reality today is that some young people today succumb too easily to difficult challenges, become self-deprecating and pessimistic. Others are too arrogant, leading to false beliefs about themselves.

Today’s youth needs to get away from such a lifestyle, study and train seriously, develop life skills and discover their hidden potential. Because only by knowing who we are and what we can do, then we can build a solid belief for the future.

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Evidence of Adolescent Self-Confidence – Model 12

See examples of teens’ beliefs about themselves below to help students build good ideas of their own.

When it comes to youth, surely each of us immediately thinks about excitement, enthusiasm, fresh things, big ambitions for a bright future. Every young person must equip himself with the goals he wants to achieve, but not all goals can be achieved easily, there will always be difficulties that surround us. Therefore, every human being needs to have hope to overcome these difficulties.

Facing adversity, between giving up and trying, what will you choose? For myself, I always keep Helen Keller’s quote in mind: “You can do nothing without hope” and consider it a guideline for my decisions. The beautiful days we all have, nothing hurts more than losing faith in life.

Beliefs – which are simple and meaningless expressions that we don’t want to understand, but are a great motivation to help us become more successful in life if we always carry them with us. Because in life’s journey, no one has ever stumbled. What’s important is not how it falls, how much it hurts, but how we must know how to deal with it. If we lose faith, become hopeless, have no will to rise, we will forever sink into the dark mire and will inevitably lead us to the brink of failure.

On the other hand, if we have faith in our hearts, we can always see the light at the end of the tunnel, finding peace and serenity in unhappiness and suffering. At the same time, an optimistic and happy attitude in life will help us receive love and closeness from those around us and never feel lonely or lost.

Recently, we can’t help but admire actor Quoc Tuan – a father who does not give up his faith and has accompanied his son for fifteen years. Then, however, true happiness smiled at him and his family. The son is now a solid child, plays the piano very well, is devoted to his parents.

Or the image of the Vietnam U23 team, even though they are superior in matches at the U23 Asian tournament, never give up. In the final moments of the game, belief helps them fire, belief helps them keep their feet and keep their “heads cool.” Then, we had a spectacular reverse on a magical run to the runners-up spot.

For us, 17 years old, we were looking for an opportunity for ourselves in a tense test. I didn’t let go of my faith with my dream of getting into the school I wanted. I think, you too! Because you and I are both brave young people. Today, another precious message is carried with us, becoming a solid burden to nourish our souls and minds, namely: “You can do nothing without faith.”

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Evidence for Unique Beliefs – Lesson 7

Essay on Unique Self-Confidence helps students refer to short and meaningful expressions.

There are many jobs that require confidence, especially those that require communicating with a wide audience. There are a number of professions such as singer, actor, presenter, model or teacher, speaker, journalist…

For professions such as singers, actors, presenters, and models, they always have to deal with a community. Standing in front of hundreds of thousands of people, if they are not confident, they will easily get depressed and cause them to lose control and not finish the performance well. They are happily called “people of society” by everyone. This is because their success is measured by the support of the community. In addition to talent, the public’s reaction will be one of the benchmarks for assessing artists.

If a singer, no matter how powerful or inspiring, doesn’t have the confidence to sing in front of fans, is that singer recognized by society? An actor, no matter how much he understands his character, but is not confident in expressing his character in front of others, can he bring emotional footage and scenes to the viewers?

An emcee, no matter how much he understands the program, but if he is not confident, can he overcome unexpected situations, will the program be successful? Models, despite having a perfect body, have the right aura, but if they are not confident, will they be able to step firmly on the catwalk to give a spectacular performance?…

Not only with a public audience, but trust is also needed in many industries. As a teacher, it is not enough just to be equipped with knowledge, but also self-confidence. How would students feel if the teacher stood at the podium trembling, his voice low and insecure? Or the doctor, if he is not confident in making a diagnosis and verification, will never detect and save the patient’s condition.

As a speaker, if a speaker is not confident, what you say, no matter how accurate or true, will not be accepted. Or, no matter how enthusiastic a journalist is, if you don’t feel confident, would you dare to expose dark areas in society?

Not only in work but also in communication. Interest or first impression is very important. If at the first meeting you were shy and timid, how would the other person feel, would you want to continue this conversation? Confidence comes from many factors, but the most important thing is that it shows on the outside.

Beliefs are not just a cover for human nature because they are formed on the basis of people’s emotions, knowledge and concepts. If belief is just a cover that people deliberately create, it will soon be exposed. Because if there is an unforeseen situation, the false trust will immediately collapse.

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Some notes while writing social argumentative essays

If they can overcome common mistakes, they will confidently “pick up” 2 points when writing 200 word social argumentative paragraph .

Common mistakes when writing social argumentative essays

– Unreasonable time allocation.

– Writing complex sentences, too many expressive elements loses the clarity and originality that social argumentative essays or paragraphs require.

– The evidence provided is unreasonable, too little or too much; general and subjective evidence; lack of factual evidence.

Contact is too mechanical, shaping, not oriented to your own specific actions.

Things to consider in writing social argumentative essays

– Social essays usually achieve 2 points in the total test. At the same time, the (general) size limit is about 200 words, so it is necessary to know how to reasonably allocate time for conducting the test (about 15 minutes).

– Read carefully the terms of the topic is writing paragraphs or essays to avoid unnecessary mistakes in the presentation (usually paragraphs with word limits).

– It is important to determine what kind of argument this is (a moral thought or a social phenomenon) in order to get proper implementation.

– Must ensure sufficient structure of the complete social essay to avoid losing points:

+ There are 3 sections: Introduction, Body and Conclusion (if you haven’t finished the lesson but time is running out, you should end the lesson immediately to confirm the structure of the article)

+ Must ensure balance of all 3 parts.

+ Decide where the focus of the article is and focus on that.

+ Know how to apply various rhetorical actions (comparisons, metaphors, personifications…) in combination with argumentative manipulations in texts (explain, analyze, prove, …) to make articles more powerful, convincing and lively.

+ Know how to use expressive elements and express their own feelings.

– Pay particular attention to the use and analysis of evidence to clarify thesis issues.

– To be successful in this type of learning, students need to equip themselves with extensive knowledge about social life through studying and memorizing information on media, social networks, and issues surrounding everyday life.

To do well social comments 200 words, children need to learn about social issues through real life; or through mass media such as television, social networks… to gain new knowledge and perspectives. To get detailed advice about the reference book for the National High School Literature exam, please contact us at the information at the end of the article.

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Best Evidence of Belief – Lesson 3

Best Evidence of Confidence selected and suggested by SCR.VN below.

Success for everyone really needs many factors, one of the important factors is self-confidence. So what is confidence and why is it so important? Confidence is a belief in one’s own abilities, worth, and strengths. People who carry this quality will have a solid psychological foundation, easily answering questions like: “Who am I? What I want? What can I do to make my dream come true?”

At the same time, on the path of life with countless thorns, they always remain calm, courageous before all events, easily persuade and win the trust of the interlocutor. Confident people are always brave, tenacious and don’t give up easily in the face of difficulties and challenges. In front of a noisy crowd, they confidently stand to convince, in front of a difficult road – they overcome confidently and calmly.

Confidence is like will, energy or courage, it is a human measure and also a guideline for people to achieve success. That’s why Walt Disney – who went from a poor kid who couldn’t even afford drawing paper to the boss of the world’s largest animation production group – considered confidence to be one of the four things that keep me alive. That’s important, but not everyone can create true self-confidence.

Some are too shy, not daring to express their personal opinions, while others are arrogant, haughty, and arrogant in their abilities, so it is very difficult for them to succeed in life. Understanding the importance of self-confidence, each of us needs to study and practice seriously to be able to get out of the shell of inferiority, shame, stand up and express ourselves to the world. Because as Helen Keller once said, “You can’t do anything without self-confidence.”

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Some Brief Evidence of Belief – Lesson 2

Some Confident Short Testimonials give you more material to prepare well for your exams.

Mark Twain – American writer once said, “To be successful in life, you need two things: ignorance and self-confidence”. Indeed, self-confidence plays an important role in everyone’s life.

First, it is necessary to understand that self-confidence is self-confidence, awareness of one’s own value and importance. Regardless of adversity or failure, they all move on with the belief of “I can do it!”. However, self-confidence is not synonymous with arrogance (blind belief in yourself, even though there are things that you are actually not good at). And self-confidence is also different from low self-esteem (don’t be confident, lower your self-esteem).

Someone who is always confident will not hesitate to face challenges. They will find a way to overcome difficulties rather than hide and give up. They always say “maybe” instead of “can’t”. Confidence in study or work is the main factor to help people achieve success. Thanks to self-confidence, we become more confident in life, love life more. When you gain self-confidence, you can persist in pursuing your goals without feeling fear or despair.

There are many examples of success in life thanks to having self-confidence. Nick Vujicic – an Australian boy, born from a disability, unable to have legs and arms like normal people. But with tremendous energy and confidence to overcome flaws in appearance – which many people may feel self-deprecating. He has become a famous speaker who inspires many young people around the world.

So is Helen Keller – an American writer, social activist, and speaker. He is the first blind and deaf person to win a Bachelor of Arts degree. Without self-confidence, perhaps a person like Helen Keller would not have been able to achieve success and was even listed by Time magazine as one of the hundred distinctive characters of the twentieth century… That alone Confidence brings great power to people.

But there are people who always lack self-confidence, even low self-esteem and low self-esteem complex within themselves. It makes them not dare to face difficulties and failures. They are always afraid that what happens in the future will not be good and profitable. With such people, their lives would only slide into successive days of failure and waste.

But being confident doesn’t mean being arrogant – believe in yourself blindly. This will make you arrogant and look down on others. At that time, they will have a subjective attitude that easily leads to failure. An arrogant person will also not receive love and admiration from those around him.

In short, everyone needs to train themselves to be confident: to always be passionate about the work they are doing, to be proactive in all situations, not to be afraid of facing difficulties. For a student, confidence in learning is essential: confidence when solving difficult math problems, confidence when writing good essays, confidence when entering competitions… When you feel confident, whatever the final result, you will still feel happy and happy. satisfied. Because I always try my best.

Through the analysis above, self-confidence plays a very important role for everyone. As Samuel Johnson stated: “Confidence is the first condition for doing great things.”

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