The easiest way to change your AirDrop name on iPhone, iPad and Mac

How to change the AirDrop name on iPhone and iPad

AirDrop can be very useful for sharing files between your Apple devices, but that’s only if you can differentiate your files from the many files that may be sharing the same WiFi space around you. To make sure all the files you want to transfer reach the correct device, you need to change the name.


cách đổi tên Airdrop

You can change your device name in your iPhone Settings ( Arrangement > General > About ) but you’ll quickly notice that your AirDrop name hasn’t changed. This is because the AirDrop feature works with your contacts. So you have to update your contact card. Here’s how to do it:


1. Open the Calls app on your iPhone. Click Phone book at the bottom.

cách đổi tên Airdrop


2. Tap the contact card at the top.

cách đổi tên Airdrop

3. In the top-right corner, tap Edit .

cách đổi tên Airdrop

4. Enter the name you want others to see when you use AirDrop. Then click Finished on the top right.

cách đổi tên Airdrop

Now, when someone else tries to AirDrop something for you, they’ll see the new name you created. You can even add a profile picture to your Contact Card by tapping ‘Add Photo’.

Note: It may take a while for your device to appear in other people’s AirDrop selections after making this change. If your name doesn’t appear, go to Settings>General>Reset and reset your Network Settings. Your phone will reboot and appear in the sender’s AirDrop list.

How to change your AirDrop name on iPhone

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  • How do I change my AirDrop name on Mac?

If you have tried changing your AirDrop name by changing the device name in Settings, you may have noticed that your iPhone’s AirDrop name remains unchanged. Changing your device name works for Mac and iPad, but your iPhone AirDrop name is associated with your contacts.

So to do this on your iPhone, you actually need to change the name listed on your contact card. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the Application Telephone and press Phone book .

2. Tap your contact card at the top.

3. Click Click Edit .

4. Tap the name field to update how your name is listed.

5. Press Finished to save your changes.

You will now see the name updated when the file is AirDropped! Keep in mind that when you change the name on your contact card, this will also be the name shown if you share your contact card with new acquaintances.

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How to change AirDrop name on Macbook

If you want to send documents from another Apple device to your iMac or Macbook, you can do this with AirDrop.

If you’ve ever tried to transfer data between mobile devices that are close to your Mac, you may see a device with the display name “Unknown”. This may be your Mac.

Before trying to transfer AirDrop data to and from your Mac, you must first give it a unique name. This will allow you to easily recognize it on the local network when you transfer data. The steps for setting up or changing a Mac’s name are just as quick and easy as on an iPhone or iPad.

To change your Mac’s name to a more appropriate name, follow these steps to rename AirDrop on macOS:

1. While using a Mac, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner. Then click System Preferences .

cách đổi tên Airdrop

2. Next, tap share .

cách đổi tên Airdrop

3. Enter the name you want to use for your computer in the “Computer Name” field provided to you.

cách đổi tên Airdrop

4. To finish, after entering the name you just need to close the settings window.

Now you can easily send documents, photos, videos, web pages, map locations and more to a nearby iPhone, iPad or Mac using AirDrop.

cách đổi tên Airdrop

As long as you know how to use AirDrop from your Mac of course. Here’s your quick guide to using AirDrop from your Mac.

The first option is to share content from the Finder. To do this:

1. Open Finder and click Go away > AirDrop . It can be found in the menu bar.

2. Drag one or more documents, pictures, or other files to the intended recipients in the window. Then just put it right there.

The second option is to use the Share feature:

1. Open the photo, document or file you want to send.

2. Click share in your app (looks like a little box with an up arrow).

3. From the Sharing menu, select AirDrop among the many options available.

4. Find and select recipients from the AirDrop page. You have to wait for another device Received before files can be sent.

5. After the file (or files) are sent, click Finished .

Likewise, whenever someone else on the same local network tries to crop some AirDrop content, it’s up to you to reject or accept their request. This request will appear as a notification and also in the AirDrop window.

Clicking “Accept” will give you the option to save to downloads or add to a specific folder such as Photos. All data you receive to your Mac is automatically saved to your Downloads folder.

If you updated your device name using the instructions above and it doesn’t appear right away, turn your device off and then on again. Assuming you’ve verified that the name change was performed using the method above, this should fix the problem.

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Hopefully, by renaming AirDrop on Apple home devices above, you’ll be able to quickly rename confusing AirDrop recipients on your iPhone with only one name showing up.

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How to change AirDrop name on iPhone/iPad

I also want to inform you that, when you carry out the operation to change the AirDrop name on your iPhone or iPad device, it also means that you have also changed the name of the device on your Wifi network.

Soon, please join me to learn how to do it in detail right now!

Step 1 : From the iPhone home screen, tap an app Arrangement and select General Settings .

Cách đổi tên của AirDrop hình 1

Step 2 : You clicked on the item Introducing located at the top. At this point, you will see the item Number, please click.

Cách đổi tên của AirDrop hình 2

Step 3 : Enter the name of the new AirDrop you want to use, then tap the button Finished to save.

Cách đổi tên của AirDrop hình 3

Through this article, I’m sure you already know how to change the AirDrop name on iPhone and iPad devices, right? If you find it useful, please support, guys.

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How to change AirDrop name on iPhone

Renaming AirDrop on iPhone has associated with the name you entered in the Contacts tab . Therefore, it will affect some changes that you may not want to make, other than changing the name of AirDrop on iPad and Mac.

Specifically, if you want to change the AirDrop name from “PageX” to “Mister X”, whenever Safari automatically fills in a name on a form on a website, it will use Mister X’s name as its first name. This can make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, consider renaming AirDrop on iPhone!

To perform an AirDrop rename on iPhone, follow these steps:

*Tip: You can also change your profile photo in AirDrop at this step. Changed images will sync with devices using the same Apple ID.

Cách thay đổi tên AirDrop trên iPhone

How to Enable AirDrop on iPhone and Mac

If you don’t know how to enable AirDrop on iPhone and Mac to transfer data between Apple devices, follow these steps:

When transferring data via AirDrop on iPhone, depending on the characteristics of the data – the file is saved to the appropriate item . For example, if you transfer photos via AirDrop, they’ll be in the Photos app on your iPhone. However, on Mac, data is transferred via AirDrop it’s all in the Downloads section .

Cách để bật AirDrop trên iPhone và máy Mac

If you haven’t changed your AirDrop name to ensure privacy and prevent others from guessing, please make the change following the steps instructed by Minh Tuan Mobile above.

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Instructions for renaming AirDrop on iPhone

First you select an item Arrangement on the >> screen General Settings >> Introducing >> Select No >> Enter a new name

To make it easier for you to imagine, we can follow 5 special steps as below!

Step 1: Select items Arrangement on an iPhone cell phone

Step 2: Choose an order General Settings to continue with renaming the AirDrop

Step 3: Press items Introducing in the first part in General Settings

Step 4: Select No to change the name according to the wishes of the user

Step 5: Please now Enter a name that you want to exchange with AirDrop!

With five simple steps you can AirDrop name change to your liking! Don’t forget to follow Watch Tai Mobile in order not to miss interesting and useful technology news!

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How do I change my AirDrop name on Mac?

Surely you have encountered cases when you wanted to transfer files to Mac but found too many devices with the same name. Now the way to fix it, just rename your Mac. Fortunately, this can be done very easily, so you can easily differentiate between devices when you try to AirDrop files. Here’s how to change the AirDrop name on your Mac:

1. Click apple icon at the top left of your screen.

2. Select System Preferences .

3. Click share .

4. On the side Computer name , you can enter a new name for your Mac.

5. Your changes will be saved automatically. You can exit System Preferences by clicking Red circle in the upper left corner of the window.

Now you know how to change the AirDrop name that displays on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Hope this helps with AirDrop your files.

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