What is absinthe? How to recognize absinthe players ‘on target’

The land full of sunshine, wind and the taste of the salty sea has created the precious virtues of the people of Quang Ngai. This was not only a land of talented people, but also a gathering place for beautiful scenery that captivated people’s hearts. So what does Quang Ngai have to play? Let’s explore 15+ famous tourist attractions with Muaban.net below to help you organize a reasonable itinerary for your upcoming Quang Ngai itinerary.


Quang Ngai is a coastal province in our country’s South Central Coast region. It is considered a potential “tourism mecca” and attracts visitors with many natural and human factors.

Quang Ngai has a 135 km coastline with many romantic beaches combined with unique forms of tourism such as ecology, spirituality and resorts. Not only that, it is also known as the “virtual mecca of life” because it has many beautiful and unique landmarks, landscapes, and tourist areas.

Let’s explore the tourist map of Quang Ngai to quickly pocket the 15+ most famous tourist attractions of this beautiful country!

Ly Son Island, also known as Cu Lao Re, is a tourist destination in Quang Ngai that you shouldn’t miss when you come to this country. This island used to be a crater, but now it is loose, often likened to a pearl in the heart of the sea. The scenery in Ly Son is very poetic, where there is clear jade-green water, you can see the bottom, and the small waves are crashing and murmuring day and night.

When traveling here, you can enjoy many delicious specialties such as sea urchin, black grouper, jellyfish salad, garlic salad, etc. Apart from that, Ly Son Island also has sacred temples such as Duc pagoda, Hang pagoda. …

Address: Ly Son, Quang Ngai

Sa Huynh is famous as the largest salt basin in the center of our country, it is also a wild and very beautiful sea. Sa Huynh was once known as Sa Hoang, which means “golden sand”. What’s special is that the sand here is not white like other beaches, but has a sparkling yellow color. Under the sun, every slope of the sand is colorful, curving like a silk shawl embracing the sea.

Alamat: Phu Thanh, Duc Pho, Quang Ngai

My Khe Beach is a beautiful tourist destination that has appeared in many domestic and international travel newspapers, being dubbed “one of the most charming beaches on the planet”. The clear blue My Khe Beach, whispering waves, long stretches of fine white sand sparkling in the sun will captivate your heart.

When coming here, visitors can not only enjoy the natural scenery, enjoy the blue water, but also see the peaceful daily life of the local fishermen.

Address: Quang Ngai city, Quang Ngai

Ba Lang An Cape is an ideal tourist destination in Quang Ngai, not inferior to the “garlic kingdom” – Ly Son. Ba Lang An Cape is composed of volcanic sediment cliffs, volcanic lava has landed and overlapped along the coast. Because of this, many undulating rapids are formed that surround the bay. Coming to the headland of Ba Lang An, tourists will have the opportunity to admire this magnificent and unspoiled seaside land. You can stand on a high hill to see all the beautiful scenery here.

Alamat: Binh Chau, Binh Son, Quang Ngai

The memorial house of the late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong is a very important historical site. This place holds many documents about the life and career of the late prime minister. The house has an area of ​​more than 2 hectares with areas: Areas for displaying images and artefacts; The memorial area of ​​the late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong worked in 1936… In addition, the house also houses the Vietnam Revolution museum and the national library.

Symptoms: Duc Tan, Mo Duc, Quang Ngai

Thien An is a mountain with majestic views with a height of about 136 m. It is considered a symbol of the land of Quang Ngai and is classified as a national monument and landscape. From the top of the mountain, you will admire panoramic views of the majestic mountains and the busy city of Quang Ngai. It is also considered as a suitable place for backpackers who like to explore and check in.

When you arrive here, you must visit Thien An Pagoda which is located on Thien An mountain. It is an ancient temple which was recognized as a national historical and cultural heritage in 1990. In particular, the temple campus of Thien An has a Buddhist Well and Divine Bell which was invited back in 1845 during the reign of King Thieu Tri.

Location: Tinh An Dong, Kota Quang Ngai, Quang Ngai

The Minh Long white waterfall tourist area is about 35km southwest of downtown Quang Ngai. Minh Long white waterfall has a lyrical and poetic landscape with a steep slope of more than 40 m. The white waterfall is hidden amidst thousands of huge and white waters flowing down from above. When you come here, you can swim freely with the water flowing from the foot of the waterfall.

Alamat:  625 Long Mon, Minh Long, Quang Ngai

As one of the longest trails in Quang Ngai, the Vi O Lac trail has majestic views of the mountains on either side and the vast terraced plains of ethnic minorities. The Vi O Lac pass is a boundary marker between the commune of Ba Ngac, Quang Ngai and the village of Ta E, Kon Tum. Apart from that, Vi Olak was also the dividing point between the Putra Truong Timur and Putra Truong Barat. Surely this will be the ideal destination for those who love adventure and love to explore.

Location: Highway 24, Ba Tieu, Ba To, Quang Ngai

Coming to the tourist destination of Tu Nghia Quang Ngai coconut beach, you will be free to enjoy the green space of the coconut beach. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the sweetness of fresh coconuts just picked from the tree. Tu Nghia coconut beach with more than 200 coconut trees, it is not only an attractive destination for tourists but also a place to protect villagers every rainy season.

Alamat: Nghia Hoa, Tu Nghia, Quang Ngai

If you are a fan of travel and exploration, come to Mount Ca Dam. Everything here still retains the pristine beauty of the mountains. The climate in the Ca Dam mountain area is very stable, mild in the 4 seasons. On the mountain there are many rare medicinal plants such as Ca Dam garlic, cinnamon, tea, etc., especially the 7-leaf ginseng, which is a precious species of ginseng that can only be grown in Quang Ngai.

Symptoms: Tra Bui, Tra Bong, Quang Ngai

Kon Chu Rang is a nature reserve in Gia Lai province and part of Quang Ngai. The climate and landscape here have a transition between the East and West regions of the Truong Son range. Therefore, the ecosystem of Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve includes many rare and precious animals and plants. This place features a view of a waterfall in the middle of a beautiful forest. Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve promises to be an interesting destination for those who like experiences and want to learn about ecosystems.

Alamat: Ba Nam, Ba To, Quang Ngai

As you pass through the Long Mon Pass, you will admire the majestic scenery as it is in the North West. From the top of the high pass, you zoom down to the view below, everything is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off it. This is the place loved by these “virtually living saints” if taken from any angle, they can produce beautiful images.

Alamat: Thanh An, Minh Long, Quang Ngai

Muara Sa Can is a quite busy fishing port in the central region of our country, located about 60 km from the city center of Quang Ngai. The sights in Sa Can are associated with golden sand beaches, coastal fishing villages hidden in the shade of green coconuts. Even though it’s so simple, it makes many tourists flutter in front of this beauty. This place is a great resort suggestion that you should experience after a tiring day at work.

Address: Binh Son, Quang Ngai

Chau Sa Fort is a tourist destination that has a long history, also maintaining the characteristics of Champa culture with a very unique architecture. Built by the kingdom of Champa, the ancient fortress of Chau Sa was an administrative, economic and cultural center in the IX–X centuries. If you have the opportunity to travel to Quang Ngai, don’t miss this very interesting place to visit.

Alamat: Tinh Chau, Son Tinh, Quang Ngai

Xem ngay:  Đặng Luân - Nam thần ngoài đời đẹp hơn trong phim

Sawtooth Mountain stands out for its very unique shape as its name suggests, with its undulating peaks resembling sawtooth. This mountain has a height of up to 1000 m, consists of many interconnected mountains. The Sawtooth Mountain is considered a symbol of the Cor people because this mountain is associated with spiritual life, showing the character of the Cor people who are tenacious and persistent. You should try visiting this majestic and unique mountain beauty if you have the chance.

Alamat: Binh Khuong, Binh Son, Quang Ngai

Dung Quat Beach is gentle all year round with clear blue water, fine white sand stretching and winding. Tourists can come here to swim, scuba dive to immerse themselves in the vast ocean because this place has a relatively low water level and calm waves. Apart from that, try lying on the beach and inhaling the ravishing scent of the sea here.

Location: Binh Son, Quang Ngai

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To travel to Quang Ngai in beautiful and pleasant weather, you need to go at the very beginning of the tourist season from April to the end of August . Because at this time the air is fresh, the trees are at their best all year round. If you want, you can actually take a trip to Quang Ngai January to March to enjoy the cold air here. However, from October to December every year, Quang Ngai is heavily affected by storms, so you should consider carefully before traveling at this time.

Depending on the starting point, you can choose the right mode of transportation to get to Quang Ngai. You can go by train, bus or travel by motorbike. The way to save the most time is that you can choose to travel by plane to Chu Lai airport and then take a bus to Quang Ngai.

Suggest some quality places to stay when traveling in Quang Ngai at affordable prices that you should consider:


Don is the name of a genus of river scallops that are boiled to gain a sweet flavor for the gravy, often served with onions and rice paper. This is a special dish that shows the closeness and affection of the Quang Ngai people.

Tea River gobies

This is a special dish only available in Quang Ngai, the goby is seasoned with onions, chilies and pepper and served with hot rice. The taste of Tra river goby will delight you with a different, bold taste in Quang Ngai.

Bawang Putih Putra Ly

Ly Son Garlic is truly the specialty of Quang Ngai country which is well known to many people. Ly Son garlic is characterized by small, firm, and fragrant bulbs. In particular this type of garlic can treat many ailments such as sweaty hands and feet, flu, pain and numbness in the extremities, poor digestion, high blood pressure, etc.

Blast cake

Explosion cake is made from delicious glutinous rice, baked until the seeds explode, and a crackling sound is heard. Then press the cake blast into the rectangular mould, whisking the sugar and ginger juice around the cake. The aroma of glutinous rice and the sweetness of sugar mixed with the spicy taste of ginger… creates a taste that is hard to describe.


There are many types of malt, but the most special is malt made from rice and glutinous rice. This is a type of strong teeth with a characteristic dark yellow color with the function of helping the digestive tract better and curing edema due to lack of vitamins.

Mirror candy

Mirror candy is cheap and delicious, candy flavor with a little sesame and peanut with a cup of hot tea is the perfect choice for family reunions.

Bread cake

Frequently appearing at many New Year’s events, banh bo is made by locals themselves to invite guests. There’s nothing better than enjoying a cake while sipping a cup of hot tea. It will be a special gift for those who love traditional Vietnamese taste.

Noodle sauce

It’s a pity to come to Quang Ngai state without enjoying fish sauce. This is a type of fish sauce that Quang Ngai people used in the past to see the king.

Corn Ram

As well as the savory dishes, the vegetarian corn corn ram is just as delicious in Quang Ngai. This is a rustic dish that often appears on local people’s daily rice trays.

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Suggest you the ideal Quang Ngai itinerary in 2 days 1 night.

Have lunch:


Above is a complete guide for Quang Ngai tours and very impressive tourist spots that you should visit at least once when you arrive in the beautiful land of Quang Ngai. Hopefully, through this article, Muaban.net help answer your questions” What should Quang Ngai do? ?”. We wish you a safe and happy Quang Ngai travel journey.

What is absinthe?

What is absinthe?

The worm talisman is a mystical magical spiritual art that has existed in the world for many years.

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Talismans are said to be used by magic spells (or even sorcerers, sorcerers, etc.) to do something.

However, the wormwood games they do are usually good things (mostly), bringing benefits to them such as: amulets, world amulets, luck amulets, ghosts, etc.

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Chơi ngải là gì

Playing wormwood is real?

According to information from people who have experienced it, wormwood game is real. However, it also involves many different aspects such as psychology, emotions and actions.

So, despite being confirmed by some, it is very difficult to accurately describe wormwood game.

How do people preserve absinthe?

Depending on the different sects, there will be different ways to practice wormwood. In particular, the most popular way is to practice dry wormwood.

After it is harvested, the wormwood is dried to absorb the yin and yang of heaven and earth. With daily wormwood practices, wormwood should be planted in coir, not using dirty soil (containing cow, chicken manure, ..) and watering sparingly.

Chơi ngải là gì? 5 cách nhận biết người chơi ngải đơn giảnThen the wormwood would be washed, dried and placed on a plate on the general’s table. Every evening, the teacher will make offerings and slugs on a plate of wormwood. When enough time, wormwood will begin to promote its use. Depending on the teacher’s daily recitation, wormwood will come in handy.

There are also other ways to raise wormwood such as blood wormwood (using animal blood or chicken eggs for breeding), wormwood not (no need to plant, but wormwood comes by itself), …

Here are some common types of wormwood:

Hau wormwood is also known as water hyacinth wormwood or Hau palace wormwood. This plant belongs to the Narcissus family, has short stems like onions that are large, easily clustered. Wormwood is spread in Southeast Asian countries, especially Indochina; In Vietnam, trees are concentrated in the southern region, …

Chơi ngải là gì

Ai Hau has a very strong ability to attract wealth, fortune and hoarding. This wormwood helps develop existing careers or assets, that is, only those who have a stable career, want to advance, want to develop sustainably and break through, can use it.

Strong green absinthe

This type of wormwood has a tuber very similar to the wormwood tree, but its function is much stronger mystical power, green wormwood specializes in matters of wealth, compassion, oil refining, etc.

Ngải mạnh xanh 

Famous play plays wormwood in Vietnam showbiz

Rumors about Tang Thanh Ha playing wormwood have been around for a long time but not much has been revealed. And these speculations also caused him a lot of trouble.

Now, this rumor has been around for a long time. Tang Thanh Ha is now less active in showbiz, he is more focused on family activities.

In the 2000s, Bao Thy and Dong Nhi were the two most popular names, often “compared” on music charts. Because of that, there were attacks from 2 fanclubs of 2 female singers. Even when Bao Thy of the then popular A-list singer suddenly sank, Dong Nhi suddenly rose.

Many people also said that Bao Thy was played badly by Dong Nhi and was injured with wormwood.

The case was again explored by netizens. The old rumors have not died down,

Hoai Linh is an ancient tree in Vietnamese showbiz. Apart from that, he is also known to follow the beliefs of Ibu Dewi and Hau Dong. Hoai Linh’s traditional worship procedures are well understood in the palm of his hand.

Thực hư Hoài Linh chơi ngải

Hoai Linh also found himself “rather unusual in personality” Also as Hoai Linh was associated with spiritual stories, rumors started surfacing that he was using a talisman.

Duong Cam Linh is also said to play wormwood to compete for roles and land. But how true this story is remains unclear

In an interview, he said, “I have been in the world of performing since I was 8 years old. In this profession, there are people who play charms. I witnessed this since I was little, so it’s not strange.

They do it because they want to be successful, but everything has a price. If you go against the laws of nature, at some point you have to pay for everything.”

Rumors of Ngo Thanh Van playing wormwood to gain a foothold in the entertainment world have been around for a long time. Ngo Thanh Van is also rumored to use wormwood to win the love of men and women.

Thực hư Nhà Ngô Thanh Vân chơi ngải

But the actress never bothered to talk about the rumours, even when they were printed into the book with the identity of the author clear.

There are many rumors in Vietnam’s showbiz world of using amulets. One of the famous names involved in the rumors is Ngoc Trinh.

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Thực hư Ngọc Trinh dùng bùa Lỗ Ban

Once upon a time, the queen of lingerie appeared with an unusual beauty. Even though she put on quite a lot of makeup, she still couldn’t hide anything odd.

Many people speculated that his charm had expired. It brought about this discrepancy, causing him to face many different scandals in quick succession.

Others also believe that due to the weakness of the astral body, Ngoc Trinh’s forehead is square like an amulet.

In a recent talk show, songstress Bao Thy opened up about having played with wormwood in the past, which forced her to stop singing and remain hidden for a long time. Hence, in the period from 2013 to 2015, he was constantly having problems in his career, his voice clouded over when for some unknown reason, his nerves were always flickering and illusory.

He said: “I played badly with a negative streak”. Many people believe that the person who injured the “bubble princess” was singer Dong Nhi.

At the end of 2012, singer Tina Tinh suddenly released a book entitled “Masks – Hanging Mirror in the Bedroom”. This is his autobiographical story which is 100% true.

In 2009, suddenly his health experienced serious problems. Every time I go on stage, my stomach hurts, I have no vitality, I can’t sleep at night, it’s always like thousands of needles piercing my skin. He toured hospitals at home and abroad but did not improve.

Thực hư Tina Tình bị chơi ngải

He was told by a friend, he went to a magician to help him and his teacher confirmed that he had played with wormwood.

Thanks to the magician’s healing. After 4 rounds of going back and forth, Tina Tinh completely recovered from her illness. To pay respects to the teacher as well as to cast a spell to avoid wormwood, the songstress tattooed a line of Chinese characters along her spine.

A TikTok account posted a clip recording an image believed to be a talisman, in which “Blue Eyes” actor Khanh Van and actor Tran Nghia are listed.

Thực hư Khánh Vân dọa bị chơi bùa

Before the superstitious behavior, Khanh Van said that he had contacted the account owner to clarify everything.

The majority of viewers are rooting for the actress to do the same, as well as calling for the law to step in to completely eradicate superstitious online gaming, which affects other people.

The above division will surely help you understand what wormwood and its amulets tell in life and in the world of entertainment. Let’s follow Giai Ngo to see other interesting information.

Just because of the fuss over the “small” youtube channel, now, Dong Nhi is gradually “tied up” as a series of old rumors are “unearthed”.

You’re watching: Dong Nhi accused of “robbing” his true fan’s youtube channel with his crew and disrespecting his fans. Photo: Internet The story of Bao Thy and rumors of playing wormwood suddenly reopened amidst the noise of Dong Nhi. Photo: Internet Chinh Bao Thy has also told stories about hard times, appearing as if he is playing wormwood. Photo: Internet Love each other for 10 years, Dong Nhi is also rumored to have “used charm” to get Ong Cao Thang. Photo: Internet Repeatedly “naughty, arrogant” but still forgiven, Dong Nhi is suspected of “using charm” with her loved ones. Photo: Internet netizens “dig” hard “play wormwood, use Dong Nhi’s charm” and constantly quip. Photo: Internet

Over the past few days, netizens have been boiling non-stop when female singer Dong Nhi was suddenly accused by fans and blatantly robbed FC Dong Nhi’s youtube channel without any explanation or announcement. Not only that, the singer himself also uttered harsh words, insulted the fans, so that the public could not agree and sympathize.

After their recent excessive feedback, in the early hours of May 14th, Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang simultaneously apologized and said that they were guilty of temporary anger. But contrary to expectations, netizens seem to disapprove of the move and are even calling for a boycott of the vocalist Cry Louder.

And while the buzz about youtube channels hasn’t died down, Dong Nhi’s ancient market has suddenly been “re-excavated”. In particular, rumors that Dong Nhi “played wormwood” Bao Thy in the past spread on the Internet.

Accordingly, this rumor started with a story about the female singer T. appearing at the same time as Dong Nhi. To be fair, T. had a stronger name and fan base than Dong Nhi back then because T. had a nicer voice and prettier looks. T. had a string of great hits, running the show non-stop. On the other hand, Dong Nhi also has hit songs, but compared to T., it’s like “salt to the sea”.

Then suddenly T. disappeared from the entertainment industry amidst his brilliant aura. No one knows the reason, at first people were still interested, then gradually the news about T. decreased, finally his name returned to the past. On the other hand, Dong Nhi seems to have defeated a strong opponent, emerging as a “kite in the wind” with a series of hits, monumental concerts and a large fan base.

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Not to mention the rapidly growing career, the love story with Ong Cao Thang is as beautiful as a dream. Everything that T. had before is now handed over to Dong Nhi.

Sometime after T.’s return, he reveals that there was a time when he himself showed signs of “playing with wormwood”, unable to sing anymore. At this time, anti-fans can suspect Dong Nhi. And although singer T. also spoke out to relieve Dong Nhi’s siege, many people are still “dreaming” of doubts to this day, especially in the midst of Dong Nhi’s “blatant robbery”.

And the T. singer was rumored by many to be Bao Thy, who was known to be a close friend of Dong Nhi before the two had a conflict and then “everything went their separate ways”. And then a commotion broke out with Ong Cao Thang’s wife, rumors of Dong Nhi “playing wormwood” Bao Thy suddenly spread as necessity.

Along with the rumors of Dong Nhi “playing wormwood” Bao Thy, there is another “anecdote” that has also been widely spread by netizens these days. That is Dong Nhi’s question of “using charm” with Ong Cao Thang to get the perfect love and ending like today.

In particular, originating from the story of Dong Nhi being blindly jealous, many people believe that the female singer used her charm to “entice” Ong Cao Thang and made the male singer “kicked to death” despite being impudent many times. , proud.

According to netizens, many years ago, when he first fell in love, Dong Nhi always followed Ong Cao Thang to prevent any girls from approaching him, including fangirls.

For example, once Ong Cao Thang went to play soccer with his friends at the gymnasium, Dong Nhi was also there to cheer on his girlfriend, maybe also to watch because there were lots of girls cheering at the gymnasium. A while later Cao Thang was going to the courtyard to rest when a female friend brought him some water to drink. Seeing that, Dong Nhi came out of nowhere as fast as the wind, snatched the water bottle from the girl’s hand and threw it at her. This incident was witnessed by many people, then Mr. Cao Thang was also angry and took Dong Nhi home.

In addition, this source also emphasized that Dong Nhi was arrogant and difficult to manage many times, which made Ong Cao Thang angry, but for some reason, they still love each other. Because of this, many people started whispering to each other about some kind of magical power that made Ong Cao Thang “fall in love” with Dong Nhi and recently the rumor started to spread very strongly.

However, as with the rumors of “playing wormwood” with colleagues, although they spread at a dizzying speed with surprising coincidences, in the end these are just oral stories, not stories. so many people just read it for fun.

Currently, Dong Nhi’s uproar continues to be a controversial topic in various social networking groups. The old rumors were also given a chance to “hang around” again, causing Dong Nhi to become “weird”.

What is Absinthe?

In fact, wormwood is a bulbous herbaceous plant. Depending on the plant family, wormwood varies, some wormwood also has medicinal properties. Most types of wormwood belong to the family of ginger, galangal, orchid …

Ngải là gì?This type of wormwood has a common feature that plants have innumerable biochemical spirituality, based on this feature, the teacher will “practice” wormwood to fulfill its purposes such as: Talent training, love spell. , hurting people, curing diseases, etc.

List of contents

  1. What is Absinthe?
  2. How do people preserve absinthe?
    1. Strong green absinthe
  3. How to recognize absinthe players
  4. Signs to know you are playing the fetish
  5. How to neutralize the charm of wormwood
  6. Rumors about some celebrities playing and being charmed
    1. Hoa Lam
    2. Tinna Tinh and rumors played by Ngo Thanh Van
    3. Rumors of Bao Thy being played by Dong Nhi
    4. Phuong Thanh accused Dam Vinh Hung’s mother and daughter of playing wormwood

Although Nhi – Thang is admired by many people, this pair of “talented boy and girl” also encountered many boisterous problems. You’re watching: Dong Nhi plays the charm of Cao Thang

On the other hand, Dong Nhi seems to have defeated a strong opponent, appearing like a “kite in the wind” with a series of hits, monumental concerts and a large fan base. Not to mention the fast-growing career, the love story with Ong Cao Thang is also as beautiful as the picture. Everything that T. had before is now handed over to Dong Nhi Sometime after T. returned, he revealed that there was a time when he himself had signs of being “played around”, unable to sing. At this time, many people were suspected of being related to Dong Nhi. Although this incident was spread all over, he never mentioned it. The songstress still sings and loves passionately, turning public opinion silent ever since. Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang when they first started dating. Besides, there is one more rumor related to the love story between Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang, when she fell in love with him, she was jealous and didn’t give anything. Woman. Any girl can approach him, including fan girls. An online source said Mr Cao Thang had gone to play football with his friends at the gymnasium, and Dong Nhi was also present to support his girlfriend. A while later Cao Thang was going to the courtyard to rest when a female friend brought him some water to drink. Seeing that, Dong Nhi came out of nowhere as fast as the wind, snatched the water bottle from the girl’s hand and threw it at her. The incident was witnessed by many people, then Lord Cao Thang was also angry and brought Dong Nhi back. However, these two rumors were widespread, but only a few people believed them. Because a refined and kind-hearted singer like Dong Nhi didn’t need to do hidden things behind others’ backs like playing wormwood; moreover can not be rude with a fangirl who touches her lover. Maybe that’s why, despite being rumored to have a bad reputation, Dong Nhi has always won the trust of fans and has been loved ever since. Tales of jealousy, wormwood games, contempt … are told, but their truth remains to be questioned. Previously, Dong Nhi often went to cheer on Ong Cao Thang. The latest highlight of the couple is a 50 million VND donation to people in the West which is limited.salt. Although generous, Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang received criticism from some netizens. These people believe that Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang held a grand wedding while doing charity work for only 50 million dong. The couple donated 50 million to people in the West, 250 million to raise funds to support the fight against the epidemic. In the face of bad criticism, many artists have spoken out for Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang, and neither of them have been completely silent. However, recently, they have continued to do good deeds by donating VND 250 million to raise funds to support the fight against the epidemic in our country.

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On many forums for a long time, rumors were spreading that Dong Nhi used to play badly with one of his colleagues. In particular, a female singer named T. once appeared together with Dong Nhi, at that time T. had a stronger name and fan base than Dong Nhi because T. had a better voice and beautiful appearance. suddenly T. disappeared from the entertainment industry amidst the brightest aura. No one knows the reason, at first people were still interested, but gradually the news about T. lessened, eventually his name returned to the past.

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Rumors about some celebrities playing and being charmed

Rumors of charms in Vietnam’s showbiz abound, where Bao Thy, Tinna Tinh, Phuong Thanh, Do Manh Cuong, .. are the names of the rumored victims of the amulet.

Hoai Lam is known as the “adopted son” of Hoai Linh, also because of the support of this seasoned artist, Hoai Lam’s career developed rapidly in a short time.

Hoai Lam may be sleepy, but whispers #ManTV #ManEnt

♬ background music – Man TV – Man TV

However, not long after that, Hoai Lam announced his retirement from showbiz and did not continue his artistic activities. Many rumors said that Hoai Lam was actually a child who was “raised” by Hoai Linh, but because he did not “submit”, Hoai Lam was kicked out of showbiz.

After the dispute with his adoptive father, his life plummeted. Not only did he lose his career, divorce his wife not long after marriage, but recently the male singer also appeared on the live broadcast with a look of disappointment, enthusiasm and did not wake up. Many people thought that the cause was enchantment that had driven him into a dead end.

However, these are just rumors and there is no real proof.

The most famous case is the case where Tinna Tinh suspected Ngo Thanh Van of using an amulet to harm him. Tinna Tinh shares in her autobiography:

In 2009, his health suddenly declined drastically, he often lacked sleep, every night his body ached, it felt like thousands of needles were stabbing his body.

Nhà của Ngô Thanh Vân The interior is quite spooky decorated in Ngo Thanh Van’s house

Over the same period of time, up to 70% of her hair fell out. He often felt pain in his chest, had difficulty breathing, and often vomited. Tinna Tinh said that since she started playing with wormwood, her career has taken a downturn and money has been wasted because she is not alert enough to decide things.

Tin đồn về một số người nổi tiếng chơi và bị chơi bùa ngải
After being shown the way by many people, Tinna Tinh asked a nun for help. According to the singer, after being “erased” by the nun four times, she completely recovered, but Tinna Tinh also stopped all her artistic activities since then. Tinna once shared that she knows the mastermind as well as the person’s motive.

Tinna Tình và tin đồn bị Ngô Thanh Vân chơi ngải 

There are many rumors that Tinna Tinh’s player is Ngo Thanh Van, it is said that Ngo Thanh Van’s real father is a famous fetish on Tra Vinh.me.

However, the above is just a rumor, there is no hard evidence for the case.

Bao Thy and Dong Nhi were two popular pop singers in the period 2005-2010, although at the peak of their career, Bao Thy suddenly “quietly” made many fans wonder.

Tin đồn Bảo Thy bị Đông Nhi chơi ngãi 

Later, Bao Thy spoke up and said “sarcastically” about himself being toyed with, which caused his career to decline non-stop.

For a long time, he experienced strange things such as: suddenly losing his voice while recording, money being stolen, lack of sleep, unclear mind. Only after starting to go to church and listening to prayers was he able to recover.

Many people believe that Dong Nhi used the talisman to eliminate his opponent. There are also rumors that Ong Cao Thang originally liked Bao Thy, but Dong Nhi also used the talisman to get my “prince” back.

At first it was a “pair of cards” on stage, but suddenly Phuong Thanh and Dam Vinh Hung turned their backs and were no longer close to each other, shocking many audiences. During this time, Phuong Thanh did not participate in showbiz.

Phương Thanh tố mẹ con Đàm Vĩnh Hưng chơi ngãi mình 

Some time later, Phuong Thanh returned and spoke of “accusing” Dam Vinh Hung’s mother and daughter of playing wormwood to hurt him. He shared that he struggled for 10 years to get rid of all the enchantment from his body.

Phương Thanh tố mẹ con Đàm Vĩnh Hưng chơi ngãi mình 

Not long after Phuong Thanh spoke, many scandals came to Dam Vinh Hung such as: kissing monks at a fundraising event for Wanbi Tuan Anh, arguing with musician Nguyen Anh 9, rioting at General Vo Nguyen Giap’s funeral, impersonating Doctor Cat Tuong,…

Many people believe that during this time, Dam Vinh Hung was so beaten by wormwood (which Phuong Thanh removed) that he was unable to control himself.

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Loss of self-control and awareness

This is the most obvious manifestation. Wormwood players often turn themselves into a gimmick, the initiative is lost. Being ruled by the yin army makes people lose vitality, their minds go crazy, and they can’t control the behavior they give rise to.

After a while, this type of spell would drain all of their life force and turn them into zombies that slowly died.

Cách nhận biết người chơi ngải

The body is getting thinner and paler

The wormwood player’s body became increasingly emaciated, devoid of appetite. The zest becomes paler even though it is fortified with a rich flavour.

When you see someone playing wormwood, you will feel goosebumps, not wanting to come into close contact with the evil forces that follow them.

The face is getting worse

After playing wormwood, the face will undergo many changes that are completely different from before.

Therefore, the way to recognize the fascination of the moment is: the contours of the face are sharper, the eyes are crooked, and the dark circles in the eyes are getting darker.

The mood is always fearful

Wormwood players are also often haunted by soldiers and negative spirits. They always feel that someone is watching, threaten their lives and avoid crowded places, becoming more and more closed off to society.

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